I’ll Expose Former Governors Who Looted Kaduna Dry – El Rufai


El Rufai Threatens To Reveal The Closet OF Former Kaduna Governors who allegedly stole state funds


Nasir El-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State, has threatened to expose former governors who allegedly stole state funds to fund their lavish lifestyles.


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El-Rufai stated on a Hausa programme on the Kaduna State Media Corporation (KSMC) that, unlike some of his predecessors, he did not use state funds to purchase a home in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


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El-Rufai explained that when he assumed office, he had only one house in Unguwan Sarki, which he still owns.



He accused former governors of leaving a gaping hole in the state treasury and warned that if they continued to attack him, he would expose how they plundered the state’s funds and acquired properties in the United Arab Emirates and other cities around the world.



The governor alleged that one of the former governors was involved in the disappearance of a contract worth N500 million to reconstruct the popular Waff Road.



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He stated that the road had remained untouched until he became governor and converted it into a dual carriageway. El-Rufai claimed that the former governors stole the funds and awarded the contract to a decedent.


In addition, El-Rufai issued a challenge to anyone who knows that his government collects a 10 percent commission from contractors. He claimed that the former governors were the ones receiving the commission, and as a Quantity Surveyor, he was aware of the calibre of work they had performed.



The Kaduna governor warned that he would not hesitate to expose those who looted the state’s treasury to the world. He urged those who were not corrupt to continue supporting his administration’s anti-corruption efforts.


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