INEC Chairman Speaks on Money Politics, Leaks Top Secret


“Election not business”, chairman berates money politics

Professor Mahmood Yakubu, the chairman of the , has criticised the use of money in elections, emphasising that elections are not a business venture but rather an application to serve the public.

This occurred as the chief electoral umpire listed the detrimental role that money plays in elections and electioneering.


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INEC warns of corrupt politicians and discusses money politics.

These were said by Yakubu on Monday in Abuja during a “Stakeholders’ summit on addressing the influence of money in the 2023 general election.”

He claimed that money politics made it “extremely difficult” for the right candidates to emerge for elective positions.


He continued by saying that it, among other things, undermines impartial electoral adjudication and has a negative effect on the conduct of INEC officials.

INEC’s chairperson said,

“It (money) destroys the professional and independent conduct of INEC officials and other public agencies involved in elections, makes it extremely difficult for the right candidates to emerge for positions, and compromises fair electoral adjudication.


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The likelihood that illegal funds could enter our elections through money laundering is even more concerning.

Above all, the corrupt use of money greatly increases the likelihood of election violence because candidates, who would have spent a fortune on the election, have a “win at all costs” mentality.

Elections are undoubtedly not a for-profit venture. Instead, it is a tool to serve the populace while acknowledging that on occasion, they might prefer another person.


But after four years, there would be a chance to reapply. The misuse of money cannot ever influence the decisions made by citizens.

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