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At the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) event on Monday, Apple’s Vision Pro headset was the centre of attention. Later this year, Apple will also roll out a significant update to iOS.

Custom call posters, StandBy mode, live voicemail, and enhanced sticker experiences are just a few of the “nice-to-have” additions that will be included in the upcoming iOS 17 upgrade.



Several of the new iPhone IOS 17 features added by Apple include:

With iOS 17, Apple will launch recipe search, enhancing its capabilities in computer vision. By tapping on a food item in an image, users will be able to look up recipes that include that ingredient.

The tech company is also expanding its image cutout feature, which enables users to remove certain elements from images and movies. Users can “Look up” these objects in the latest update to learn more about them.

Your pets, such as cats and dogs, are now recognized by the Photos app and placed in the people section.


New sketching instruments like a watercolor brush, calligraphy pen, highlighter, variable-width pen, and ruler will be added in a Freeform update.

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With iOS 17, Apple will apply a nudity filter for “Naked photos and videos that show the private body parts that are usually covered by underwear or bathing suits.” This is essential to prevent viewing unsolicited nudes. Users will see a pop-up asking them if they want to see a sensitive photo. Apart from consenting to see or not see the image, users can also tap on “ways to get help.” However, it’s not clear what resources the company will provide for that option. This feature will be available throughout the system with pictures received through AirDrop, the system-wide photo picker, FaceTime messages, Contact Posters in the Phone app, and third‑party apps.


The option to blur a delicate image before seeing it will also be available to consumers.

One-time verification codes will be supported for auto-filling in the Mail app.

Additionally, you can enable the automatic deletion of emails and messages containing verification codes after entering them with AutoFill under the Password area of the Settings.


For your contacts, there’s a new pronouns field.

A new category of wallpapers called Kaleidoscope will be available as part of iOS 17.


For Apple Music, Apple is introducing a shared playlist function so that you may create a list with your friends. In the course of a SharePlay session, they can also respond to songs that are now playing. This functionality will launch later this year.

A crossfade option has also been added by the business to the Music app. Additionally, the app’s Now Playing bar has undergone a small change.


Now available to Apple News+ subscribers are the crossword and mini crossword puzzles.


News+ subscribers will also get access to audio stories via the Podcasts app from Apple.

Halo, Smirk, and Peekaboo are the three brand-new Memoji stickers coming with iOS 17.


A new grocery list in the Reminders app automatically classifies goods for shopping.

The program also allows you to switch groups and examine things in a Kanban-style column format.


Users will be able to share an AirTag with up to five others in iOS 17 and utilize the Find My app to locate the item.

The PDF Autofill feature from iPadOS 17 is also coming to iOS. In order to quickly fill up contact fields, you can use the device’s saved data. Likewise, you may view and modify PDFs using the Notes app.

Additionally, iOS 17 will support multiple timers.

The iOS 17 update will also have interactive widgets, just like with iPadOS 17. Without launching an app, you may use this to adjust the music or check off tasks.

Your friends’ exercise accomplishments, including streaks and awards, will be listed in the Health app in iOS 17.

Under Apple Fitness+, users can design a personalized schedule for their workouts and meditation.

Using a nearby device, a phone number, or an email address associated with your account, Apple will let you sign into your iPhone.

You can toggle system settings like Wi-Fi right from the search screen using Spotlight search.

If your phone is also in dark mode, AirPods pop-ups are now accessible.

On iOS 17, holding the stem will activate a new mute/unmute function for AirPods.

You may view the weather from the previous day with the Weather app.

It’s noteworthy that iOS 17 is anticipated to become widely available in the fall. Prior to that, Apple will make a public beta available soon. This means that before Apple releases the final version of iOS 17, some of these features may change.

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