JUST IN: “I couldn’t believe Lee Maeba said I sent assassins to kill him” – Wike


, the governor of Rivers State, emphasised on Saturday that politicians must conduct themselves with integrity.

Wike claimed that throughout his entire political career, he has never used violence as a tactic to further his political objectives.

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Speaking at the opening of the Okrika Founder’s Park in Koniju Ama in the Okrika Local Area, (LGA).


It is regrettable, according to Governor Wike, that people like Senator Lee Maeba, a supporter of Peoples Democratic Party candidate Atiku Abubakar, are accusing me of using violence.

He questioned the reasoning behind Senator Maeba’s claim that he sent political thugs to break into his home, a claim that has been refuted by a police report.

I could not believe it when I saw Lee Maeba, Austin Opara, and Abiye Sekibo on television two days later saying that they had sent people to Lee Maeba’s home to attack and kill him.


But you saw the report from the police commissioner. You have two gates leading to your home, and not one of them has been damaged, he said. Your home is surrounded by other homes.


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“The rickety cars you claimed were damaged; no brand-new cars were touched. Have you ever witnessed one? said the governor.


Wike continued by saying that he believed there should now be a limit on how far people can play the political game.

He claimed that Senator Maeba was taking things too far with his accusations, but he preferred to use legal means over engaging in violent politics.

Yet as you can see, I laugh. God, you already know the truth, I said. But politics is being taken too far by some. You are waking me up while I am in deep sleep. Whatever you see, take it when I awake.


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“I couldn’t believe Lee Maeba said I sent assassins to kill him” – Wike

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