Kim Kardashian Lookalike Christina Ashten Dies Of Cardiac Arrest, After Plastic Surgery


, a well-known OnlyFans model who bore a striking resemblance to Kim Kardashian, passed away due to cardiac arrest after undergoing a plastic surgery procedure. At the time of the event, the individual in question was 34 years old. On April 26, the family of the deceased took to Instagram and GoFundMe to announce her passing and to raise funds for her upcoming funeral.

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At 4:31 am on April 20th, 2023, a family member made a frantic phone call to report a tragic incident. The caller was screaming and crying hysterically, relaying the that Ashten was dying. According to the family, the phone call they received was a devastating event that will leave a lasting impact on their lives.



According to the family, the model experienced cardiac arrest after a medical procedure went awry. They have stated that her unexpected and unfortunate demise is being looked into as a homicide linked to the medical procedure.

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The family of Christina Ashten Gourkani has announced the heartbreaking news of her sudden and tragic passing. In a statement, they expressed their profound sorrow and grief over the loss of their beloved daughter and sister.



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According to the Mayo Clinic, cardiac arrest is characterised by a sudden cessation of heart function, which is often attributed to an issue with the heart’s electrical system.



A California-based model, aged 34, has amassed a following of more than 626,000 on Instagram. The uncanny similarity between her and has garnered global attention from fans.


According to the family of the OnlyFans model, Ms. Gourkani was described as a compassionate individual who would make an effort to connect with children at their level and seek out those who may be feeling isolated to make them feel valued.


According to the family, the deceased was known for her kind and affectionate nature, and was regarded as a free-spirited individual who never missed an opportunity to brighten someone’s day. According to the family, Ashten’s spirit will continue to shine as a beacon of hope for her loved ones and those who were impacted by her passing.



Just days after the tragic passing of 22-year-old Canadian actor Saint Von Colucci, news has emerged of another untimely death. Christina Ashten reportedly passed away unexpectedly. This news comes in the wake of reports that Colucci had suffered complications from cosmetic procedures he underwent several months ago. The individual in question has reportedly undergone a total of 12 plastic surgeries in an effort to resemble popular BTS member Jimin.

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