Labour Party Rejects PEPC Judgment, Vows to Pursue Justice

Labour party

In a resolute response to the recent judgment delivered by the Presidential Election Petition Court (PEPC), the Labour Party has issued a stern press release, firmly rejecting the outcome of the judgment. The party’s stance is clear: they believe justice was not served, and the verdict did not align with the law or the will of the people.

The press release, signed by Obiora Ifoh, the National Publicity Secretary of the Labour Party, outlines the party’s deep concerns regarding the PEPC’s decision. The party states that the dismissal of petitions by the five-man panel, led by Justice Haruna Tsammani, has left them dismayed and apprehensive about the state of democracy in Nigeria.

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The Labour Party points to the events of February 25, 2023, as a clear example of electoral irregularities and condemns the Tribunal’s refusal to acknowledge what they see as an evident act of electoral robbery. Despite global condemnation of the events, the party laments that the Tribunal did not uphold the principles of justice and fairness.

The party commends its legal team for their unwavering commitment to exposing flaws within the electoral system, even in the face of disappointment. While the Labour Party expresses sorrow for the state of democracy in Nigeria, they emphasize their determination not to abandon the nation.

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The press release hints at forthcoming actions by the Labour Party, suggesting that further details of their position will be provided after consultations with their legal team upon receipt of the Certified True Copy of the Judgment.


The Labour Party urges all supporters of democracy to remain steadfast and hopeful, asserting that a new Nigeria is attainable. Their resolve to pursue justice remains unwavering, setting the stage for continued engagement in the pursuit of a more equitable and just electoral process in Nigeria.



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