Mika Shabasova, 22-year-old lady dies during buttock enlargement surgery


A devastating incident has claimed the life of a young woman named , aged only 22 years old.

Tragically, Mika lost her life after undergoing a buttock enlargement surgery performed by an unqualified beautician in Russia.

According to reports from Daily Mail, the procedure was conducted by a woman named Uma M, who lacked the necessary qualifications and license to perform cosmetic surgeries.



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Mika Shabasova and Surgery

The surgery took place under alarming circumstances, as it was carried out as a ‘home surgery’ by Uma M, who had no official authorization for conducting such procedures. Despite her lack of qualifications, Uma M offered the buttock enlargement surgery to Mika Shabasova at a cost of £154. Shockingly, she had attended a mere two-week course in cosmetic procedures, which did not equip her with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform such delicate surgeries.

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Notably, Uma M had been engaged in other cosmetic procedures, including lip, cheek, and butt enlargements, without the required credentials or proper authorization. This irresponsible and dangerous behavior highlights the grave risks posed by unqualified individuals attempting to provide medical or cosmetic services without the proper training and expertise.



During the surgery, Uma M administered an anaesthetic called lidocaine, a local anaesthetic commonly used for numbing the skin. However, it appears that the procedure was mishandled, leading to Mika’s tragic and untimely death within a mere ten minutes of being given the anaesthetic.


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The details of what went wrong during the procedure are yet to be fully understood, and an investigation into the incident is currently underway by Russian authorities.


As part of the ongoing investigation, state investigators in Makhachkala have been questioning Uma M to understand the sequence of events that led to Mika’s death. The police are looking into the circumstances surrounding the surgery conducted by Uma M, who was known to Mika as a ‘friend’ but lacked the necessary qualifications and experience to perform such procedures safely.



Mika’s friend, who was aware of her intentions to undergo the buttock enlargement procedure, revealed that he had advised her against it. He expressed concern over Uma M’s lack of proper credentials and shared that the beautician had recently acquired a cosmetic procedures certificate following her brief two-week course. Prior to this, Uma M had worked as a waitress and had offered lash extensions to her clients.


The tragic death of Mika Shabasova serves as a heart-wrenching reminder of the dangers associated with unqualified individuals attempting to perform medical or cosmetic procedures. Such incidents underscore the importance of strict regulations and licensing procedures in the healthcare and beauty industry to safeguard the well-being and lives of patients and clients.



As the investigation continues, the authorities must ensure that those responsible for the death of Mika Shabasovaare held accountable for their actions. Additionally, this tragic incident should prompt a broader discussion on the need for more stringent regulations and oversight to prevent similar tragedies in the future. The loss of a young life like Mika’s should not be in vain, and efforts must be made to prevent such avoidable incidents from occurring in the future.

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