Muhammadu Buhari Apologises To Nigerians Over Pain-induced Policies


President bid a heartfelt farewell to the Nigerian people, expressing his apologies for the pains and hardships caused by certain policies and programmes implemented during his administration’s efforts to steer the country’s economy in the right direction.

In a statement made yesterday morning, President Buhari acknowledged the challenging decisions made in the process of revitalising the economy and conceded that certain actions had led to momentary hardship.

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In a heartfelt gesture, he offered a genuine apology to his compatriots, underscoring that these choices were made with the welfare of the country in mind.

President Buhari has emphasised that his administration’s goal is not to simply satisfy Nigerians’ high expectations on the surface, despite the fact that they had great hopes for his leadership.

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Remaining steadfast in his commitment to address the genuine needs of the citizens, he cited the comprehensive electoral system reforms as a notable achievement in this regard.

In a national address, President Buhari expressed gratitude for the unwavering support he and his political party have received from the Nigerian people. He acknowledged the high hopes and expectations placed upon him as he embarked on his political journey.



The individual stated that their aim was not to conform to political correctness, but rather to take actions that are just and have a significant positive effect on the lives of everyday Nigerians.


As per the speaker, the expectations were reasonable as they, like many other Nigerians, were tired of witnessing their country straying from the right path.


President Buhari has emphasised that he is departing with a well-established electoral system that ensures fair and transparent outcomes, minimises the impact of financial power in politics, and enables citizens to elect their desired representatives.



The individual commended the current progress of the process, which has established a level playing field for candidates who lack political connections or significant financial resources.


According to President Buhari, the Nigerian economy has demonstrated increased resilience, thanks to the strategic measures implemented to successfully navigate global economic downturns.



In a recent statement, the departing president offered his commendations to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, lauding him as a proficient leader who had diligently laboured to achieve his current status.


In a show of support, he extended his congratulations to Tinubu for the realisation of his long-standing dream. He conveyed his unwavering belief in Tinubu’s leadership capabilities and expressed optimism that he will steer the country towards unprecedented progress.



President Buhari expressed, “You have worked hard for this moment, and your efforts have been rewarded by God.” The speaker expressed confidence in the addressee’s leadership abilities, citing their dedication to excellence, competence, fairness, equity, loyalty to the country, and ambition for Nigeria to achieve global recognition. The speaker believes that these qualities will serve as a compass for the addressee as they steer the country towards greater heights.


President Buhari recently reflected on his tenure, expressing gratitude to God, appreciation for the Nigerian people, and a sense of fulfilment.


In a statement, he acknowledged that the upcoming 2023 presidential election is set to be the most fiercely contested in the history of . He urged individuals who may feel aggrieved to seek redress through the court system, emphasising the importance of accepting the decisions made by the courts.



Nigeria’s President Buhari has urged the nation to unite and strive towards a brighter future, as the country makes strides in consolidating its democratic system. The President emphasised the need to build upon the progress achieved in the electoral process.


The journalist commends the unwavering determination and resilience displayed by all presidential candidates and their respective political parties. They have demonstrated their trust in the judicial system by seeking legal recourse.



In a recent address, President Buhari highlighted the notable accomplishments of his administration and conveyed his optimism that Nigeria has made significant progress since 2015.


The President has announced his retirement to his hometown of Daura in Katsina State. He expressed a sense of fulfilment, stating that he believes the rebirth of Nigeria has begun and that the incoming administration will further accelerate the country’s progress towards becoming a great nation.

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