Drama As Stage Collapses During Swearing-In Ceremony

Stage Collapses During Swearing-In Ceremony

Stage Collapses During Swearing-In Ceremony in Kano

During today’s eagerly anticipated swearing-in ceremony for Governor Yusuf Abba, his deputy, and the interim chief judge, the stage unexpectedly collapsed.

The event was held in the center of Kano State, which caused alarm among the guests and authorities. Fortunately, despite the confusion and mayhem that followed, everyone seated at the podium was able to flee without getting hurt.


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The ceremony was being organized to formally inaugurate Governor Yusuf Abba, who had recently taken office. It was a historic event for Kano State. As they prepared to take the oath of office, the governor, his deputy, and the acting chief judge took their places on stage. Disaster happened, though, just as the procedures were about to start.

Witnesses describe a scene of unexpected turmoil when the stage fell beneath the tremendous weight of the visitors and the officials.


As many fled for safety out of terror for their lives, screams filled the air. Security personnel and emergency responders acted quickly to avert any significant injuries or casualties, though.

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Meanwhile, Twitter, a well-known social networking site, has taken down the verification tag from former vice president Yemi Osinbajo’s account.

The former vice president’s twitter account does not currently display the emblem that is provided to individuals who are “Government officials” as of the time of reporting.

However, Muhammadu Buhari’s old badge is still present.


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