N160 Million SUV:It Is Our Right To Have Operational Vehicles – Ned Nwoko To Nigerians


Senator Ned Nwoko Defends Purchase of Luxury SUVs for Lawmakers


Senator Ned Nwoko, who represents Delta North (Anioma nation) in the National Assembly, has offered his support for the National Assembly’s plan to acquire luxury SUVs for lawmakers.



The move, which has been met with some criticism, is seen by Nwoko as a necessary provision for legislators.



The House of Representatives has proposed the purchase of 360 SUVs, totaling an estimated N57.6 billion. Each vehicle is projected to cost at least N160 million.

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Addressing this expenditure, Nwoko emphasized the importance of lawmakers having access to operational vehicles to effectively carry out their official duties.

Nwoko argued against the expectation that lawmakers should rely on their personal vehicles for official business, asserting that this is an unrealistic and impractical approach.

He cautioned against perpetuating a culture of restraint due to the financial circumstances of others, and instead advocated for enabling all citizens, including lawmakers, to have access to the means to acquire vehicles.


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The Senator’s perspective extends to a broader vision of prosperity, advocating for a society where everyone has the opportunity to own a car.

He suggested a practical solution by channeling funds through banks to facilitate vehicle purchases, making it accessible to a wider population.

Drawing on his own experiences, Nwoko recalled a time when even primary school teachers in his village had cars.

He emphasized the need to focus on creating mechanisms for financial empowerment, rather than solely fixating on providing cars for lawmakers.


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Nwoko concluded by expressing his preference for receiving the monetary value of the cars instead of the actual vehicles.


He reiterated his belief in monetizing allowances and urged for a shift in government approach towards empowering citizens to make choices that enhance their quality of life, whether through car purchases or home ownership.

He encouraged individuals to aspire and work towards achieving their desired standard of living.



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