Naira crashes significantly against Dollar amid Tinubu’s policies

Dollar to naira today black market exchange rates

Naira has crashed significantly against Dollar. 

The economic policies championed by Bola Tinubu are facing heightened scrutiny as the Naira experiences a continuous free fall against the US Dollar.

Ejes Gist News Nigeria reports, the Naira plummeted to N1,295 per dollar in the parallel market on Tuesday, a significant decline from N1,265 per dollar recorded just the day before.


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Moreover, the situation exacerbated in the Nigerian Foreign Exchange Market (NAFEM), where the Naira depreciated to N878.57 per dollar. This downward trend has raised questions about the effectiveness and impact of the economic measures implemented under Tinubu’s leadership.

The implications of this depreciation are far-reaching, affecting various sectors of the economy and sparking concerns among citizens. As the exchange rate widens, it not only impacts the cost of imports but also puts pressure on businesses and consumers alike.


Critics argue that the current economic trajectory calls for a reevaluation of Tinubu’s policies to address the root causes of the Naira’s decline. The need for comprehensive strategies to stabilize the currency and boost investor confidence becomes increasingly evident.

In the face of these economic challenges, it is crucial for authorities to provide clear insights into their plans and actions to navigate this situation. Ejes Gist News will continue to monitor and report on developments, ensuring our readers stay informed with credible news in Nigeria.

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