“NANS Expresses Disapproval of Tuition Increase in Tertiary Institutions, threatens Protest”


The National Association of Nigerian Students has expressed strong disapproval towards the proposed escalation of school fees in tertiary institutions throughout the country.

In a statement issued on Saturday and signed by the National PRO, Giwa Temitope, NANS denounced the government’s actions as “insensitive” and “embarrassing.”

The association emphasized that the government possesses the necessary resources to fund education and ensure its accessibility, dismissing the introduction of the student loan scheme as a mere facade aimed at persuading Nigerians to accept the fee increments.


NANS asserted that there is no valid reason to justify raising school fees in both tertiary institutions and Unity schools.

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They demanded an immediate suspension of the planned fee increase and urged institutions that have already implemented the policy to reverse it promptly.


NANS also called upon Nigerian students to prepare for an all-encompassing protest until the Federal Government retracts the policy, reminiscent of the demonstrations conducted during the prolonged ASUU strike.

“We urge Nigerian students to prepare themselves for an extensive protest similar to the one conducted during the prolonged ASUU strike, persisting until the Federal Government reverses this policy.

The recent increase in school fees at UNILAG and the proposed increments in other tertiary institutions throughout the country demonstrate the insensitivity of this administration.

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It is utterly absurd and disgraceful that the government would implement fee hikes without considering the plight of over 133 million Nigerians living in multidimensional poverty.


Raising fees in tertiary institutions will only exacerbate the country’s poverty situation and contribute to the growing number of out-of-school children.

As an association, we firmly believe that the Nigerian government possesses the necessary resources to substantially fund education and ensure its accessibility.

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The student loan introduced by the Federal Government, in reality, is a deceptive tactic to compel Nigerians to accept fee increments.

Moreover, the loan terms are impractical, and history has shown that not all applicants will be considered. Even if all were to be considered, it still would not justify fee hikes in an economy with high unemployment rates.


Instead of offering loans, the government should prioritize providing grants and scholarships for students.”



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