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Nigerian Embassy Speaks on Niger Republic Military Junta’s Plot to Shoot Down Tinubu’s Plane

Bola Tinubu

The Nigerian Embassy in Niger Republic has vehemently denied reports suggesting that the military junta in the neighboring country had planned to shoot down President Bola Tinubu’s jet, preventing it from using their airspace. This denial comes amidst rising tensions and concerns surrounding the political landscape in Niger Republic.

The clarification was made by Bashir Ahmad, a former aide to ex-President Muhammadu Buhari, who took to Twitter to address the issue. Ahmad’s tweet read, “The Embassy of Nigeria in Niger Republic has denied the fake reports that the military junta prohibited President Bola Tinubu’s jet from flying in its airspace.

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The initial reports had suggested that the military junta had taken drastic measures by redirecting the presidential jet carrying President Tinubu, effectively forcing it to leave Niger Republic’s airspace. This raised alarm bells as it implied that the aircraft was at risk of being shot down.

The junta’s actions appear to be closely linked to President Tinubu’s and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) stance against the recent coup that saw the ousting of former President Bazoum. The coup was attributed to concerns over the mismanagement of the country’s resources.

As tensions continue to mount in the region, the situation remains fluid. The Nigerian Embassy’s denial of the plot to shoot down President Tinubu’s plane is expected to ease some of the anxiety surrounding the matter. However, the broader implications of this incident on regional politics and stability remain to be seen.


The international community, including ECOWAS and the African Union, continues to closely monitor the situation in Niger Republic and the response of its neighboring countries, including Nigeria, in order to ensure regional peace and stability.



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