Pastor EA Adeboye Disturbing Prophecy: Kings to be Removed From Power Before August 2023


Pastor Adeboye’s Disturbing Prophecy: Kings to be Removed From Power Before August 2023.


Pastor E. A. Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has delivered a powerful message, foretelling the removal of kings from power before end of August 2023.


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Addressing the congregation and seeking to strengthen their faith, Pastor Adeboye began by drawing inspiration from the biblical story of Jericho’s walls. He emphasized that just as God had the power to make kings, He also possessed the authority to remove them.

Prophesying further, he spoke about certain individuals who have exalted themselves to god-like status and have sworn to hinder the success and prosperity of others.



With conviction, Pastor Adeboye declared that God Himself would intervene on behalf of His people, assuring that kings would be dethroned for the sake of those who believe. He specifically mentioned that a strongman would be removed, allowing people to move forward in life.



prophecy reads;

“There are some people who have made themselves gods, who have sworn that you will not succeed in life and who have vowed that you will not reap the fruits of your labour. Daddy said I should tell you that He made them. Therefore before August 2023, Daddy is going to remove kings from powe for your sake. Oh yes, that strongman will be removed for you to go forward!”



The prophecy has stirred contemplation and fervor among believers, with many seeking spiritual guidance and interpreting the message within the context of their faith. As with any prophecy, its actualization remains a matter of belief and interpretation.

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