Peter Obi Appeals for Compassion Amid Ongoing Demolitions, Urges Alleviation of Hardships in Lagos


Peter Obi, the 2023 presidential candidate of the (), has raised concerns over the ongoing demolitions of properties in , urging the government to consider the escalating hardships faced by residents.

Expressing his dismay via his official X handle on Thursday, Obi highlighted the additional burden imposed on citizens already grappling with multi-dimensional poverty due to the demolitions.

He emphasized the need for governments, both at the state and federal levels, to implement measures aimed at mitigating the hardships faced by the populace and uplifting more people from poverty.


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Obi appealed to authorities conducting these demolitions to exhibit a humanistic approach, emphasizing that amidst enforcing regulations, compassion should underpin all governmental actions.

In his statement, lamented the distressing impact of the ongoing demolitions, especially on vulnerable citizens contending with severe financial stress.


He underscored the emotional and financial toll these demolitions take on individuals, some of whom have invested their life savings in these properties, often serving as retirement abodes for the elderly and incapacitated.

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Expressing his disapproval of the timing of these actions amid the prevailing harsh economic conditions, Obi urged for a reevaluation, stressing that this critical period demands measures aimed at easing the plight of the populace rather than exacerbating their struggles.

Calling for a more considerate approach from the involved governments, Obi urged for a display of empathy and understanding towards the plight of those affected by these demolitions.

As the debate on the necessity and impact of these demolitions rages on, Peter Obi’s appeal echoes the broader sentiment of humanitarian consideration amidst governmental actions, especially during times of economic hardship.

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