Russia just suffered a crushing defeat and lost an entire elite brigade


Dozens of Russian armoured vehicles appear to have been ambushed and destroyed in a single botched attack near the coal-mining town of Vuhledar in eastern Ukraine, which Moscow’s forces have been attempting to capture for months.

As the Kremlin prepares for a decisive offensive on the eastern front, Vuhledar, a Ukrainian stronghold at the intersection of the eastern and southern front lines, has witnessed some of the bloodiest fightings of the war.

According to recently released video evidence, dozens of tanks and armoured vehicles were destroyed or damaged last week, and a large number of soldiers were killed.


Aerial footage shows Russian soldiers fleeing for their lives from the Ukrainians’ sustained aerial bombardment.

In the chaos, Russian tanks are observed slaughtering their troops.

One of the recordings depicts a tank driving over a heap of uniformed bodies. Another image depicts a Russian soldier engulfed in flames fleeing a tank across a snowy landscape.


A military blogger reported on Thursday that 31 armoured vehicles had been destroyed by Ukrainian drones after being sent to attack Ukrainian positions without artillery support.

The Moscow Calling blog reported that 31 armoured vehicles of the 155th Separate Guards Marine Brigade of the Russian Pacific Fleet were destroyed during an assault on Vuhledar.

The enemy was destroyed



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