Russia Ukraine War Live update for today Saturday June 10, 2023


Ukraine War latest news update for Today June 10, 2023.


US lawmakers ask Biden to provide ATACMS to Ukraine.

A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers has urged President Joe Biden to supply Ukraine with the long-range Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS), according to a report by Politico on June 8.


The United States has thus far refrained from providing Ukraine with long-range missiles. Critics of this decision argue that the reluctance of allies to supply ATACMS missiles could hinder Ukraine’s efforts to reclaim the remaining Ukrainian territory, prolonging Russia’s aggressive war and potentially resulting in a significant loss of life.



The request from lawmakers highlights the ongoing concern among some U.S. officials regarding Russia’s actions in Ukraine and the need to provide Ukraine with additional military support. The decision on whether to supply ATACMS missiles to Ukraine ultimately lies with President Biden and his administration, who will consider various factors, including the potential impact on the conflict and broader geopolitical considerations.


It remains to be seen how the Biden administration will respond to this bipartisan request and whether it will lead to a change in the U.S. stance on providing long-range missiles to Ukraine.

Governor: Military airfield in Poltava Oblast suffers damage due to Russia’s overnight airstrike.



Russian forces launched an intense airstrike targeting Myrhorod military airfield in Poltava Oblast, Governor Dmytro Lunin reported on June 10.

The overnight attack was carried out using ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as drones, Lunin said. The fire at the attack site was partially extinguished as of 7:30 a.m. local time, and equipment has been transferred to a safer place. No casualties were reported.

Air Force: Ukraine shoots down 2 out of 8 Russian missiles fired overnight.



Ukraine also shot down 20 of the 35 Iranian-made Shahed-136 drones launched by Russian forces overnight, the Air Force said on June 10.

ISW: Ukraine makes further gains in Donetsk Oblast.


According to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), Ukrainian forces have reported additional territorial gains in the Donetsk Oblast. The update provided on June 9 highlighted advancements in the areas around Bakhmut and western Donetsk.



The specific details regarding the nature and extent of these gains were not mentioned in the report. It is important to note that the situation in conflict zones can be fluid, with ongoing military operations and changes in control over territory.


The ISW is a research organization that closely monitors and analyzes developments in conflict zones, including the situation in Ukraine. However, for a comprehensive understanding of the situation, it is advisable to refer to multiple sources and official statements from involved parties.

Politico: NATO negotiates deliverables for Ukraine ahead of Vilnius summit.



NATO is working on a two-part package for Ukraine focusing on practical support and Ukraine’s membership bid ahead of the Vilnius summit, U.S. Ambassador to NATO Julianne Smith told Politico

Duda, Scholz, and Macron to Convene in Paris, Address Security Assurances for Ukraine.


In a Politico exclusive report, it has been revealed that anonymous French officials have disclosed that German Chancellor and Polish President are scheduled to meet in Paris on June 12. The primary focus of this high-level gathering will be discussions surrounding security guarantees for Ukraine. The meeting, which will include French President Emmanuel Macron, underscores the growing concerns regarding the security situation in Ukraine.


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The meeting aims to address the pressing need for enhanced security measures and assurances for Ukraine, given the current geopolitical landscape. By bringing together the leaders of Germany, Poland, and France, this summit seeks to foster diplomatic collaboration and strategize on the best approach to ensuring stability and peace in the region.


The French officials, who chose to remain anonymous, emphasized the significance of this meeting in terms of demonstrating European unity and commitment to supporting Ukraine in the face of security challenges. As the situation evolves, the international community is closely monitoring developments in Ukraine, and discussions such as these reflect the ongoing efforts to find viable solutions and strengthen the security framework for the country.


The meeting in Paris will serve as a platform for these influential leaders to engage in comprehensive dialogue, exchange perspectives, and explore potential avenues to provide necessary security guarantees to Ukraine. The outcomes of this gathering will likely have far-reaching implications for the region and will shape future initiatives aimed at ensuring peace and stability.

As the situation continues to unfold, Politico will closely monitor the developments arising from this crucial meeting and provide timely updates on the discussions and any agreements reached.


Ukrainian Air Defenses Intercept Russian Cruise Missiles and Drones

According to a statement from the Air Force of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, Ukrainian air defenses successfully intercepted and shot down a significant number of cruise missiles and drones launched by Russia. The attack, which occurred overnight on June 10, targeted military installations and critical infrastructure within Ukraine.

Out of the six cruise missiles launched by Russia, Ukrainian air defenses were able to down four of them, effectively neutralizing a substantial portion of the missile threat. Additionally, Ukrainian forces managed to intercept and shoot down ten out of the sixteen drones that were deployed in the attack.



The successful defense against these Russian missile and drone attacks highlights the effectiveness and readiness of Ukraine’s air defense systems. The Ukrainian Armed Forces’ ability to counter such threats demonstrates their commitment to protecting their military assets and critical infrastructure from hostile actions.


Governor: Russian attacks in Donetsk Oblast kill 1, injure 7 over past 24 hours.


Russian attacks in Donetsk Oblast killed one person and injured 7 others over the past 24 hours, Donetsk Oblast governor reported on June 10.



President Zelensky Confirms Intense Battles in Eastern Ukraine, Counteroffensive Underway.


On June 8, Ukrainian President Zelensky confirmed the occurrence of intense battles in the eastern Donetsk Oblast. Reports indicate that Ukraine’s long-awaited counteroffensive to regain control of territory from the opposing forces is now in progress.

The ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine has witnessed heightened military activities in recent days, with both sides engaged in fierce fighting. President Zelensky’s statement acknowledges the intensity of the battles and signals Ukraine’s determination to reclaim lost territories.

The much-anticipated counteroffensive represents a significant strategic move by Ukraine in response to the continued occupation of its eastern regions. The operation aims to regain control over the territories held by opposing forces and restore Ukrainian sovereignty in the region.

As the situation unfolds, it is crucial to monitor developments on the ground and the potential implications for the overall dynamics of the conflict. The successful execution of Ukraine’s counteroffensive could have far-reaching consequences, not only for the immediate military situation but also for the broader prospects of finding a peaceful resolution to the ongoing crisis.

International stakeholders and the global community will closely observe the progress of Ukraine’s counteroffensive and its impact on the regional security landscape. The outcome of these battles will undoubtedly shape future diplomatic efforts and negotiations aimed at achieving a lasting and sustainable peace in Ukraine.

Further updates on the progress of Ukraine’s counteroffensive and any related developments will be closely monitored and reported as new information becomes available.


Russia Ukraine War: Pentagon Plans $2 Billion Air Defense Package for Ukraine.


The Pentagon is reportedly preparing to unveil a substantial long-term arms package for Ukraine. The forthcoming announcement is expected to highlight the importance of enhancing Ukraine’s air defense capabilities, with the package valued at over $2 billion, according to undisclosed sources.



The planned arms package underscores the United States’ commitment to supporting Ukraine in its ongoing war with Russia and aims to bolster Ukraine’s defense capabilities, particularly in the realm of air defense. The package is believed to include advanced air defense systems and equipment designed to enhance Ukraine’s ability to counter aerial threats.


By providing Ukraine with these critical air defense resources, the United States aims to assist in safeguarding Ukraine’s sovereignty and deterring further aggression from Russia.



The Pentagon’s announcement of this $2 billion air defense package is likely to have significant geopolitical implications, particularly in the context of the Ukraine-Russia war. It further underscores the United States’ commitment to supporting Ukraine and sends a clear message about the importance of ensuring Ukraine’s security and territorial integrity.



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