Skales Expresses His Hate Towards Nigeria Police


Skales, a renowned musician born Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, has opened up about his strong aversion to the Nigeria Police Force, citing a personal experience where he and his former manager were unjustly incarcerated.

Speaking on The Time podcast with hosts Victoria Gure and Folasade Abimbola, the ‘Shake Body’ artist revealed that he spent over 24 hours in police custody before being released, thanks to the intervention of influential figures in the entertainment industry.

Skales Recounted The Incident

“I was once unjustly locked up with my manager. The situation was such that my ex-manager was the one intended to be detained, but I couldn’t stand by silently when I was also implicated. So, I decided to visit the police station. I must emphasize my strong disapproval of the Nigerian police.


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I passionately despise them. I found myself behind bars for a minor issue, enduring an unjust 24-hour ordeal. Thankfully, individuals like Paulo of Upturn and Personal, as well as my current manager, Kolatunez, pulled strings to resolve the situation.”

Notably, Skales recently criticized the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for an alleged late-night raid on his residence, where he was subjected to harassment in front of his family. He asserted that he was falsely accused of fraudulent activities, leading to the arrest of some individuals working with him in the studio, including one of his signed artists.



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