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Tribes in delta state: list of languages in delta state

Tribes in Delta State

Discover the list of tribes in Delta State and all the local governments in this article.

One of Nigeria’s oil-rich states, Delta State is located in the country’s south-south region. The state is made up of the Urhobo Okpe, Itsekiri, Ijaw, and Isoko ethnic groups in the Delta and the distinct Igbo subgroups Enuani, Ukwani, Ndokwa, and Ika, collectively known as Anioma.

On August 27, 1991, the former Bendel State was split into Delta State as a result of the Urhobos and Anioma regions’ demands for the creation of separate, distinct states. Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, the military president, gave it the nickname “Delta” after the Niger Delta region.


When it comes to ethnicity, people in Delta State can be roughly divided into different groups: the Urhobo, the Okpe, the Uvwie Ijaw, Itshekiri,  Isoko, Igbo subgroup of the Delta North Senatorial district.

Tribes In Delta State

The tribes in Delta State that we were able to identify are listed below.

Urhobo Tribe

One of the most well-known and powerful tribes in Delta State is the Urhobo.


The Urhobo people are found all over Delta State and speak the Urhobo language widely. The Urhobo tribe is divided into 22 smaller ethnic groups. Statistics over time have revealed that there are roughly 1.5 million Urhobo people in the world.

Additionally, they share borders with the Ijaw people to the south, the Ukwuani people to the northeast, the Isoko people to the southeast, the Itsekiri people to the west, and the Edo people to the north.

Regarding employment, the two main occupations where they can earn a sizable sum of money are farming and hunting. The Urhobo people practise Christianity most frequently.

Egusi, owo, starch, and white soup are among the Urhobo people’s most popular and frequently consumed delicacies, along with traditional yam porridge and banga soup.

Isoko Tribe

The current inhabitants of Warri are the Isoko people. This tribe has a reputation for being musically and comedically talented. This tribe has historically produced numerous well-known musicians and comedians in Nigeria. the likes of Instagram’s Isoboboy12 (President of Ogberaga World), a well-known comedian


The Isoko people have a violent past and have a lot in common with tribes in the neighbouring state of Rivers.

Okpe Tribe

The Okpe, who are also found in Delta Central are one of the most common tribes in Delta State.

The Okpe tribe is the most dominant tribe in Delta Central.

The fascinating quality that makes the Okpe people excellent farmers and traders is that they were born and raised in upland.

Okpe people and their kingdom and homeland have their peculiarities. Perhaps the most important or most significant of the peculiarities is very glaring in the language the people speak. And the Okpe language is the language of the kingdom and denizens of the homeland


In terms of religion, the Okpe are primarily Christians and farmers. The traditional clothing of the Okpe tribe consists of wrappers, beads, heavy cloaks, and matching hats.

Ijaw Tribe

One of the most prevalent tribes in Delta State is the Ijaw, who are also present in parts of Ondo, Bayelsa, and the Rivers.


The Ijaw tribe is the most powerful tribe in Nigeria’s riverine region. They have a history of violence, it is also known.

Because they were born and raised close to many rivers, the Ijaw people have a fascinating quality that makes them excellent swimmers.

The Ijaw people are primarily fishermen and Christians in terms of their religion. The Ijaw tribe’s traditional attire consists of wrappers, thick cloaks, and matching hats.


The fisherman soup is one of their favourite dishes.

Itsekiri Tribe

An ethnic group known as the Itsekiri, also known as Jekri, Isekiri, or Ishekiri, resides in the westernmost region of the Niger River delta in very southern Nigeria. The Itsekiri make up a sizeable portion of Sapele, Warri, Burutu, and Forcados’ contemporary towns. They communicate with the Yoruba, Edo, Urhobo, and Ijo through a variety of contacts and speak a Yoruboid language of the Benue-Congo branch of the Niger-Congo languages.

The vast mangrove swamps and freshwater wetlands where the Itsekiri live are on the coast. They are primarily fishermen and have used rod-and-line methods as well as traps, fences, and nets.



Anioma Tribe

The Anioma people, who are thought to be a single homogeneous ethnic stock, have long identified as Enuani or Eluali in Ika and Ukwuani communities. Geographically, the Ukwuani, or lowlanders, live in the old Aboh Division, while the Enuani, or upland peoples, live in the old Asaba Division.

There are 1,229,371 people living in the Anioma area of Delta State, according to the provisional census of 2006.


The two main indigenous languages are Enuani [Ukwuani-Aboh-Ndoni language|Ukwuani and Ika, a combination of various Igbo dialects. Additionally, a few communities speak Olukumi, Ozzara, and Igala.

Delta State Local Governments

The Local Government Areas in Delta State are listed below.

  1. Aniocha North
  2. Aniocha South
  3. Bomadi
  4. Burutu
  5. Ethiope East
  6. Ethiope West
  7. Ika North East
  8. Ika South
  9. Isoko North
  10. Isoko South
  11. Ndokwa East
  12. Ndokwa West
  13. Okpe
  14. Oshimili North
  15. Oshimili South
  16. Patani
  17. Sapele
  18. Udu
  19. Ughelli North
  20. Ughelli South
  21. Ukwuani
  22. Uvwie
  23. Warri North
  24. Warri South
  25. Warri South West

In conclusion, Delta State is one of Nigeria’s oil-rich states. You should try to visit Delta State someday if you haven’t already.

Here is a list of the tribes in Delta State that we have chosen.

Please be aware that the validity of the aforementioned tribes in Delta State is not something we can say for certain. As a result, if you are aware of any other tribe that should be included, please mention it in the comment section.

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