Tribunal Judge Justice Azinge Cries Out: ‘Money Is Flying’ as NBA Initiates Investigation into N10 Million Bribery


The Chairperson of Panel 2 of the Election Petition Tribunal, , raised concerns on Tuesday over alleged attempts by lawyers to bribe judges within her team, underscoring the persistence of within Nigeria’s judicial system.

This is reportedly the second instance in recent times where a judge has voiced concerns about lawyers attempting to compromise the integrity of the legal process by offering bribes to the bench.

Justice Azinge openly addressed the issue in court, stating that “money is flying,” and rumors suggest that a staff member allegedly accepted a substantial bribe of N10 million. However, details regarding the specific individual involved remain undisclosed.


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The alarming allegations come at a time when Nigeria’s legal community grapples with the erosion of public trust in the pursuit of justice due to persistent allegations of corruption. Notably, the specter of judicial corruption has cast a shadow over the country’s judicial landscape, and these allegations further accentuate the intersection of power, ethics, and accountability within the Nigerian legal system.

Legal experts and scholars emphasize that corruption within the judiciary poses a significant threat to the foundational principles upon which justice is built. While acknowledging that not all lawyers engage in unethical practices, the prevalence of such incidents threatens to undermine the credibility of the justice system and raises questions about the rule of law in the country.


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As the legal fraternity confronts this challenging issue, the need for comprehensive reforms becomes increasingly evident. Transparency, accountability, and commitment to upholding the rule of law are seen as critical components in dismantling the culture of corruption that pervades the legal landscape.


Stakeholders from various sectors, including legal professionals, civil society organizations, academia, and governmental bodies, are urged to collaborate in the fight against judicial corruption. Building mechanisms for reporting and addressing allegations of corruption, ensuring judicial independence, and enhancing ethical training for lawyers are identified as pivotal steps to create a more trustworthy legal ecosystem.

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The Chairman of the Kano State Nigeria Bar Association, S. S. Gezawa, responded to the allegations, acknowledging them as serious but urging for concrete evidence before any action is taken. He stressed that if any lawyer is found to have engaged in wrongdoing, formal complaints can be channeled through the appropriate legal channels and agencies for investigation and potential prosecution.

In light of these developments, Nigeria finds itself at a crossroads, where the commitment to justice, integrity, and accountability must prevail over corruption. The ongoing allegations emphasize the urgency of the legal community and society at large to address the root causes of unethical behavior and usher in a new era of transparency, credibility, and fairness within the Nigerian judicial system.

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