Uvwie is not Warri; Lawmakers Ban the Use of Warri in Effurun 


Lawmakers have banned the use of warri in Uvwie.


Following the clamour for the renaming of Urhobo Territory in Warri City to Wado City by the Wado Advocacy Group, lawmakers in the Uvwie Local Government Area have banned the use of Warri in Uvwie.

The gazette was passed into law in December 2021.


The gazette stated that all business owners, cooperative organizations, churches, etc. are directed to change the name “Warri” in their addresses to “Effurun.”

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According to the lawmakers, Uvwie (Effurun) is not Warri, and no business in the Uvwie local government area should have the name Warri on it.

Cooperating organisations that do not remove Warri from their address or billboard will face a $200,000 fine.


Ejes Gist News gathered that top establishments located in Effurun and its environs are wrongly addressed as Warri. It is wrong to call Osubi Airport in Okpe Local Government Area Warri Airport, and it is also wrong to call Ujevwu Railway in Udu Local Government Area Warri Railway. It is also wrong to call Effurun Refinery Warri Refinery.

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The government of Delta State also asked the Uvwie legislatures to explain why the gazette that banned the use of Warri in Effurun was written the way it was.

A source close to the government who doesn’t want his name to be mentioned said the lawmakers who appeared before the state government gave reasons behind the gazette. The source said the government is pleased with their explanation and has sealed the law.

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The lawmakers say that Effurun, Uvwie is not Warri and that this should not be shown in any business in Uvwie, Effurun.

Recall that the Iteskiri Nations have been laying claim to the name Warri, affirming that the name originated from Iwerri. They also claimed overlordship over other tribes in Warri. Due to the overbearing overlords and the Warri Crisis, which caused serious economic damage to Warri, four kingdoms or kings were created for the three tribes in Warri city in 2006. Gazzetta
They are:


The Orosuen of Okere Urhobo (Urhobo)
The Olu of Warri (Itsekiri)
The Ovied of Agbarha-ame (Urhobo)
The Ogbe-Ijaw (ijaw) Pere

The Gazzetta stated clearly that all the kings are equal.



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