Video Osun house of assembly member Timothy Owoeye in alleged ritual scandal


Controversy Surrounds ’s Unclad Video as Fraud Allegations Emerge


Controversy has erupted following the circulation of an unclad video featuring Hon. , a member of the Osun State House of Assembly and a majority leader in the Osun parliament. The video, which emerged on social media platforms, shows Owoeye in a vulnerable state, pleading for mercy from unidentified individuals in a seemingly isolated and bushy location.

Sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity, claim that the incident occurred at Osunjela, an outskirts area of Osogbo, the capital of Osun State. According to these sources, Owoeye was apprehended while allegedly engaging in ritual activities related to upcoming political events in the state.


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“I can authoritatively tell you that the man was arrested by some vigilante boys around this area while trying to perform some rituals,” one source stated. “He settled some people with money through a transfer and pleaded for cover. He later turned around to say another thing and started intimidating those people with the police. The issue of fraud peddling by the police is a mere concoction of political players in the state to cover the mess.”

In response to the viral video, Owoeye quickly dismissed it as the work of fraudsters attempting to blackmail him over a case of fraud. Speaking with DAILY POST over the phone, Owoeye asserted that those responsible for the video had been arrested by the police and were set to appear in court on Wednesday.


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“Those who are versed in the antics of fraudsters will know that the video is an advanced state of fraud to score cheap blackmail,” Owoeye stated. “I can’t say more than that now. I have been talking since morning, and I will definitely speak further on this after the court sitting on Wednesday.”


While Owoeye failed to provide a clear explanation of how the fraud allegations correlated with the unclad video, the Osun State Police Commissioner, Adeoye Fimihan, echoed Owoeye’s claims. He described the lawmaker as a victim of fraudsters who had defrauded him of a substantial sum of money and then lured him into a compromising situation in an attempt to further blackmail him.

“It is not as if he was there to do any ritual,” Commissioner Fimihan stated. “We have arrested some of them (fraudsters), and they have been charged to court. We even recovered about N10 million from them, out of the money they swindled the man of. Whatever is trending is not the truth. That fellow is a victim of fraudsters.”

The police commissioner’s statement aimed to clarify that Owoeye was not involved in any ritual activities as suggested by the video but had fallen victim to a fraudulent scheme.

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