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Minister Addresses Unpaid Npower Stipends and Program Rebranding in Latest Npower News

Lagos, Nigeria – In the latest update on October 1, 2023, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Dr. , has provided insights into the challenges leading to unpaid Npower stipends and the future of the program. Additionally, President Bola Tinubu’s government has rebranded the Npower program to the “.”

Unpaid N-Power Stipends and Plea for Payment

In a heartfelt appeal, Npower beneficiaries have called on Minister Betta Edu and the newly appointed CEO of the National Social Investment Programmes Agency (NSIPA), Delu Bulus Yakubu, to address the issue of unpaid N-Power stipends, which have accumulated over eight months. The call for payment extends to the families of these beneficiaries, as they too are affected by the delay. An image of a young girl holding a card reading “Dr. Betta Edu, please pay our father” has gone viral on social media, highlighting the urgency of the matter.


Npower News: Appointment of Delu Bulus Yakubu

President Bola Tinubu has appointed Delu Bulus Yakubu as the pioneer national coordinator and CEO of the NSIPA, entrusted with overseeing the NSIP Programmes, including Npower.

Npower News: Npower Self-Service Portal Update

In a positive development, the Npower self-service portal is now functioning effectively, resolving issues with account validation. Beneficiaries facing difficulties validating their accounts can now do so seamlessly.


Minister Betta Edu’s Insights into Unpaid Npower Stipends and Nexit Package

Minister Betta Edu shed light on the challenges leading to the accumulation of unpaid Npower stipends. She identified three key issues:

1. Over-registration: More individuals were registered for the program than the allotted capacity.


2. Delayed Funds Release: Funds allocated for Npower stipends were not disbursed to beneficiaries in a timely manner.

3. Ineligible Beneficiaries: Some individuals on the payment list did not meet the program’s eligibility criteria, and others continued to receive payments despite no longer actively participating.

Minister Betta Edu emphasized that the delayed stipends are now being addressed, and an exit plan, including exit funds, is in the works to address these issues.


FG Rebrands NPower to Renewed Hope Skills Acquisition Programme

Under President Bola Tinubu’s administration, the Npower program has been rebranded as the “Renewed Hope Skills Acquisition Programme.” This rebranding initiative seeks to revitalize and upgrade the program to empower beneficiaries effectively and engage Nigerian youth.

Npower News: Future Plans

Several significant developments are expected as the Npower program undergoes a transformation:


1. Resolution of Unpaid Stipends: Minister Betta Edu confirmed that once the backlog of unpaid stipends is cleared, new recruitment will commence.

2. New Batch Recruitment: The program may begin recruiting a new batch of Npower volunteers in 2023.


3. Stipend Payment Review: The review of stipend payments may lead to adjustments, aiming to accommodate more beneficiaries.

4. Role of NSIPA: The National Social Investment Programme Agency (NSIPA), led by Delu Bulus Yakubu, will oversee Npower and other NSIP Programs.


5. Emphasis on the Digital Economy: Given the government’s focus on creating jobs through the digital economy, Npower may engage more beneficiaries in this sector.


Npower beneficiaries are encouraged to exercise patience as the Ministry works to enhance the program’s effectiveness and inclusivity. Additionally, updates on the Nexit Opportunity are expected, potentially allowing untrained individuals to submit business plans and receive support from companies that provided training.

Minister Betta Edu’s Vision and Commitment

Minister Betta Edu’s engagement with Radio Nigeria highlighted her commitment to addressing concerns and improving the Npower program. She emphasized poverty alleviation, humanitarian crisis management, empowerment program enhancement, transparency in palliative distribution, and resolving stipend delays.


Minister Betta Edu’s dedication to addressing beneficiaries’ concerns and her vision for the program’s future bring hope to both current participants and prospective applicants. The government’s commitment to eradicating poverty and enhancing livelihoods remains unwavering.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Npower, and who are the beneficiaries?

Npower is a social intervention program in Nigeria aimed at providing job opportunities and skills acquisition for unemployed youths. Beneficiaries are young Nigerians enrolled in various categories of the program.

What causes stipend delays in N-Power?

Stipend delays in N-Power can be attributed to administrative and logistical challenges, which Minister Betta Edu is working to address.

How can I apply for Npower if I’m interested?

When the recruitment process begins, you can apply for Npower through the official website or portal provided by the Nigerian government. Stay updated with official announcements for application details.

What are the long-term goals of the Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation Ministry?

The ministry’s long-term goals include establishing humanitarian hubs across Nigeria, providing affordable, locally-produced commodities, and responding effectively to humanitarian crises.

How can beneficiaries track the distribution of palliatives in their local government areas?

The ministry plans to use technology and independent monitors to ensure transparent palliative distribution. Specific details on accessing this information will be provided in due course.

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