NPower News: beneficiaries Call on FG to Fulfil 9-Month Debt Payment Promised

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N-Power beneficiaries Call on FG to Fulfil 9-Month Debt Payment Promised.

In the latest development, N-Power beneficiaries nationwide have urgently appealed to the program’s management to honour its commitment to initiate the payment of their overdue stipends spanning nine months. These beneficiaries, owed arrears from December 2022 to September 2023, are voicing their mounting frustration over the prolonged delay, resulting in significant financial hardship for many.

Transitioning into the beneficiaries’ sentiments

Delving into the sentiments of N-Power beneficiaries reveals a deep sense of dissatisfaction regarding the nine months’ unpaid stipends. Despite the promise made by the N-Power management in October 2023 to commence disbursements in November, beneficiaries continue to grapple with uncertainty and anxiety as payments are yet to materialize.


We are grappling with serious financial challenges due to the non-payment of our stipends,” lamented an anonymous beneficiary. Many of us have dependents to care for, and the delay is making it extremely difficult to meet our basic needs.”

Impact on education and vocational training

The delayed payments have raised concerns among beneficiaries regarding their ability to pursue further education or vocational training. One beneficiary planned to utilise the N-Power stipend for a skills acquisition program but is now uncertain about affordability due to payment delays.

Voices of concern and calls for action

The beneficiaries are urging the N-Power management to expedite the payment process and provide clear timelines for the disbursement of outstanding stipends. Transparency and accountability in the management of the program’s finances have been emphasised by the beneficiaries.


“We understand there may have been challenges in processing the payments,” said one beneficiary. “But we are asking for more transparency and communication from the management. We need to know when we can expect to receive our money.

Concerns about program reputation

While the N-Power program has received acclaim for addressing youth unemployment and promoting social inclusion, the recent delays in stipend payments have cast a shadow over its reputation, raising questions about its sustainability.

Awaiting management response

As of now, the N-Power management has not responded to the concerns raised by the beneficiaries. However, it is anticipated that swift action will be taken to address the issue and ensure the prompt payment of outstanding stipends, considering the well-being of thousands of N-Power beneficiaries hangs in the balance.

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