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Google $75 Million Grant for Nigerian Businesses, See How to apply

Apply for Google $75 Million Grant to all Nigerian Businesses

Google $75 Million Grant for Nigerian Businesses.

Lagos, Nigeria – In a significant move to empower small businesses in Nigeria, Google has unveiled the “Hustle Academy SMB Fund,” a groundbreaking initiative aimed at injecting a staggering ₦75 million into the local business ecosystem. The Google $75 Million Grant for Nigerian Businesses was announced by Google LLC to fostering economic growth in Nigeria.

Google $75 Million Grant for Nigerian Businesses. Hustle Academy Fund.

This monumental step by Google is a resounding endorsement of the potential within Nigeria’s small and medium-sized business sector. These businesses, often regarded as the backbone of Nigeria’s economy, frequently face financial challenges when seeking opportunities for growth.


According to the World Bank, small businesses in Africa, including Nigeria, require approximately $330 billion for expansion and development. However, obtaining a bank loan in Africa can be a formidable task, with only 25% of small businesses securing loans, compared to 50% in more financially prosperous regions.

The Google Hustle Academy, initiated in 2022, aimed to address these issues by providing valuable resources, advice, and networking opportunities to small businesses. The program yielded impressive results, benefiting over 4,000 small businesses in Nigeria, with 74% of them experiencing growth within just one year.

With the launch of the Hustle Academy SMB Fund, Google will select 15 exceptionally promising businesses to receive a share of the ₦75 million, without requiring any ownership stake in return. Furthermore, these businesses will receive personalized guidance to maximize their potential for success.


What Media Giant Leaders Have to Say about Google $75 Million Grant for Nigerian Businesses.

Mojolaoluwa Aderemi-Makinde, responsible for Brand & Reputation in Africa at Google, highlighted the resilience and creativity of Nigerian businesses, emphasizing that this fund would elevate them to even greater heights and generate more job opportunities.

Sinmisola Nojimu-Yusuf, overseeing the program at Google, stated that the Google $75 Million Grant for Nigerian Businesses, would provide businesses with the resources they need to thrive, ultimately contributing to the growth and prosperity of Nigeria.

Eligibility Criteria for Google $75 Million Grant for Nigerian Businesses

To qualify for the Google $75 Million Grant for Nigerian Businesses, Nigerian businesses should meet the following criteria:

  • Be Nigerian: The business must originate in Nigeria.
  • Be Young but Not Too New: Businesses should have been in operation for 1-5 years.
  • Have a Clear Growth Plan: A well-defined plan for significant expansion is required.
  • Embrace Digital: Digital businesses or those with a digital focus are encouraged.
  • Bonus Point: Previous participation in the Hustle Academy program may be advantageous.

Interested businesses can start applying for this fund from September 28th, with the application deadline set for October 12th.

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Google’s Broader Impact on Africa

Google’s commitment to supporting African businesses extends beyond the Hustle Academy SMB Fund. The company has initiated programs to assist African businesses in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), aiding black business owners in Europe and Africa through the Black Founders Fund program, and empowering businesses to bridge the technology gap.Google $75 Million Grant for Nigerian Businesses

In conclusion, Google’s generous grant of $75 million to Nigerian businesses signifies a monumental step toward enhancing innovation and economic growth in Nigeria. This initiative holds the potential to transform small businesses, stimulate technological advancement, foster collaboration, and promote fairness within the business landscape. It exemplifies the positive impact that collaboration between global corporations and nations can have on a country’s economic prospects.

How to Participate in Google’s Program

For businesses interested in joining Google’s program and accessing financial support, you can apply by clicking here.


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