Video: Prophet Jeremiah Omoto’s prophecy goes completely wrong; calls lady Ashawo

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto’s Prophecy Goes Wrong: Calls Woman ‘Ashawo’

In a recent development, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto, the founder of Mercy Land, popularly known as Mercy City, situated in Effurun, has sparked controversy due to a viral video obtained by Ejes Gist News. The video captures Prophet Jeremiah Omoto addressing a woman and referring to her as ‘Ashawo,’ a derogatory term meaning sex worker in English.

The incident, which has now gained significant attention on social media, portrays the prophet’s prophecy taking an unexpected turn. In the footage, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto can be seen engaging with the woman, ultimately branding her with the stigmatizing term.


The lady, visibly taken aback by the accusation, vehemently denied the label placed upon her. This encounter has ignited a wave of condemnation from Nigerians across various social media platforms. Many have criticized the prophet’s actions, labeling them as a defamation of the woman’s character.

While Prophet Jeremiah Omoto has not yet issued a formal response to the backlash, the incident has raised questions about the conduct and ethical standards within the religious community. It has also highlighted the importance of sensitivity and accountability in prophetic engagements.

Ejes Gist News understands that as the public discourse surrounding this incident continues to unfold, observers await further developments and potential responses from Prophet Jeremiah Omoto and relevant stakeholders.


Watch the full video as Prophet Jeremiah Omoto’s prophecy goes completely wrong as he calls a lady ‘Ashawo.

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