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Week 52 Pool Result 2024: Live Scores and Updates

Week 52 Pool Result 2024 for Saturday, June 29, and Sunday, June 30, including live scores, today’s matches, and comprehensive updates. Explore the latest pool results now.

As the football season progresses, fans and bettors alike eagerly await the Week 52 Pool Result 2024. This week’s fixtures promise excitement and competition, with matches scheduled for Saturday, June 29, and Sunday, June 30. This article provides a detailed overview of the pool results, live scores, and essential updates, ensuring you stay informed about the outcomes of all matches.

Overview of Week 52 Pool Results

Week 52 Pool Results are significant for both fans and bettors, offering insights into the performance of various teams and the outcomes of matches. These results are essential for understanding the dynamics of the games and making informed betting decisions.


Detailed Pool Result List for Week 52

The following table outlines the fixtures and results for Week 52. This list is updated regularly to provide the latest information.

All Australian football pools results draws are marked GREEN. Scroll left to see full results..
WEEK: 52; SEASON: AUSSIE 2024; DATE: 29-06-2024
Pools Results Status
1 A.Leichhardt 5-:-0 St George S. Home
2 Blacktown C. 1-:-2 St George C. Away
3 Central Coast 3-:-0 NSW Spirit Home
4 Rockdale C. 5-:-0 Hills Utd. Home
5 Sutherland S. 0-:-1 Sydney Utd. Away
6 Sydney O. 2-:-1 Manly Utd. Home
7 W. Sydney 0-:-2 Wollongong W. Away
8 Bankstown C. 5-:-0 Dunbar R. Home
9 Blacktown S. 3-:-0 UNSW FC Home
10 B. Academy 2-:-1 Northern T. Home
11 Dulwich H. 3-:-3 Macarthur R. ScoreDraw
12 Inter Lions 4-:-2 Canterbury B. Home
13 Mt Druitt 4-:-2 Rydalmere Home
14 SD Raiders 3-:-0 Hakoah S. Home
15 Altona M. 1-:-0 Pt Melbourne Home
16 Dandenong T. 1-:-1 Green Gully ScoreDraw
17 Hume City 1-:-1 Melbourne K. ScoreDraw
18 Manningham 4-:-0 St Albans S. Home
19 S. Melbourne 1-:-2 Oakleigh C. Away
20 Caroline S. 3-:-2 Western Utd. Home
21 Langwarrin 6-:-3 Brunswick C. Home
22 Melbourne C. 3-:-3 Melbourne V. ScoreDraw
23 Northcote C. 2-:-3 N. Geelong W. Away
24 Bayswater C. 1-:-4 Stirling M. Away
25 F. Athena 4-:-2 Western K. Home
26 Fremantle C. 4-:-2 Olympic K. Home
27 Inglewood U. 4-:-1 Perth Home
28 Perth Glory 3-:-4 Balcatta Away
29 Perth RedStar 3-:-1 Armadale Home
30 Adelaide U. 2-:-2 Adelaide O. ScoreDraw
31 C. Raiders 2-:-2 Ad. Comets ScoreDraw
32 Croydon K. 2-:-3 Metro Stars Away
33 Modbury J. 3-:-3 S. Adelaide ScoreDraw
34 Ad. Cobras P-:-P Salisbury U. Home
35 Adelaide V. P-:-P Western S. Home
36 Cumberland 3-:-0 WT Birkalla Home
37 Playford C. 0-:-0 Fulham Utd. noSCDraw
38 Sturt Lions 4-:-2 Vipers FC Home
39 W. Adelaide P-:-P Adelaide B. Away
40 Adamstown 1-:-1 L. Macquarie ScoreDraw
41 Edgeworth E. 3-:-0 Valentine Home
42 Lambton J. 2-:-1 Maitland Home
43 New Lambton 0-:-1 Cooks Hill U. Away
44 Newcastle O. P-:-P Broadmeadow Away
45 W. Workers P-:-P Charlestown Away
46 Clarence Z. 1-:-1 Launceston C. ScoreDraw
47 Kingborough 3-:-7 Glenorchy K. Away
48 Launceston U. P-:-P Riverside O. ScoreDraw
49 S. Hobart 2-:-2 Devonport C. ScoreDraw

The complete list includes all forty-nine matches, ensuring comprehensive coverage of Week 52.

Significance of Pool Results in Football Betting

Understanding pool results is crucial for successful football betting. Bettors rely on accurate and timely updates to make informed decisions. Week 52 Pool Result 2024 offers valuable insights into match outcomes, helping bettors strategize effectively.


Interpreting Pool Results

Interpreting pool results involves analyzing team performances, head-to-head records, and other influencing factors. The classified pool results for Week 52 provide a reliable guide for both casual bettors and serious enthusiasts.

Sources for Pool Result Updates

Reliable sources are essential for staying updated with pool results. Here are some recommended websites for the latest updates:

  • Ejes Gist News: A trusted source for live scores, pool results, and fixture updates.
  • Ablefast: Known for providing comprehensive pool results and detailed analyses.
  • Poolresult.com: Offers real-time updates and insights into pool results.

Live Scores and Real-Time Updates

Real-time updates are vital for following the progress of ongoing matches. Websites like Ejes Gist News provide live scores and detailed match reports, ensuring you never miss any action.

Panel Results and Their Importance

The Football Pools Panel results are essential for matches that are interrupted or postponed. These results are usually published at half-time and full-time, providing additional insights into the games and influencing betting strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are pool results? Pool results refer to the outcomes of scheduled football matches for a particular week. These results are crucial for bettors and fans to understand the performance of teams and the results of their predictions.


Where can I find the latest pool result updates? You can find the latest pool result updates on websites like Ejes Gist News, Ablefast, and Poolresult.com. These platforms offer accurate and timely information on match outcomes.

How are pool results determined? Pool results are determined by the outcomes of the scheduled matches. The Football Pools Panel may also provide results for matches that are interrupted or not completed.

Why are panel results important? Panel results are important because they ensure fair outcomes for matches that are not completed as scheduled. They provide a backup for bettors and fans, ensuring accuracy in the results.

Can I rely on online sources for live scores? Yes, many reliable online sources provide live scores and real-time updates for pool results. Websites like Ejes Gist News are known for their accuracy and timely updates.

What should I consider when interpreting pool results? When interpreting pool results, consider factors such as team form, head-to-head records, player injuries, and weather conditions. Staying updated with live scores and panel results is also essential for accurate analysis.



Week 52 Pool Result 2024 provides an exciting lineup of matches with significant implications for fans and bettors. Staying informed with accurate and timely updates from reliable sources is crucial for understanding the outcomes and making informed decisions. Whether you’re a casual fan or a serious bettor, the comprehensive coverage of Week 52 pool results ensures you stay ahead of the game.



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