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Daring Fan Embarks on Bicycle Journey to Meet , Politely Rejects Monetary Offer


In a remarkable turn of events, a young Nigerian man named has captured headlines by embarking on an extraordinary bicycle journey from his home state of Benue to Lagos with the sole aim of meeting A-list celebrity David Adeleke, famously known as Davido. Even more surprising is the fact that despite being offered a monetary reward by the music sensation, Emmanuel politely declined, citing his genuine longing to meet his idol.

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The encounter began when Twitter user @Ssbmuzik shared images of @emmiwuks, Emmanuel’s online persona, cycling from to Lagos, proudly displaying a banner of Davido and an inscription reading ‘Benue to Lagos on a bicycle for Davido.’ The dedicated fan had already spent eight days on the arduous journey, capturing the attention of social media users and his celebrity idol himself.

Davido tells Emmanuel to turn back.

Davido, upon seeing the tweet, advised the determined traveler to turn back due to his unavailability at home. However, a surprising twist occurred when Davido backtracked on his earlier advice and asked Emmanuel to provide his account details, presumably to reward him for his incredible effort. What followed was an unexpected response that left many in awe.



Emmanuel, who is 23 years old, took to Twitter to graciously decline Davido’s monetary offer, revealing that his primary motivation for the journey was not financial gain but rather the genuine desire to meet the music icon he admires. In an exclusive conversation with Legit.ng, he shared, “I didn’t drop it (his account details on Twitter like Davido requested) because all I want is to meet him and present my gift to him, and then if he decides to bless me he will. My primary reason is never the money but seeing him as I have been longing to.”



When prodded about the nature of the gift he intends to give Davido, Emmanuel, who is also known by the moniker Emmiwuks, opted to keep it a secret until the moment of unveiling. This air of mystery further adds to the intrigue surrounding this remarkable journey.


Despite Emmanuel’s refusal of the monetary reward, he hasn’t entirely shut the door on the possibility of receiving blessings from Davido. He expressed his openness to being blessed by the singer in person if he chooses to do so.


This extraordinary tale of dedication and admiration has captivated social media users, showcasing the profound impact that celebrities can have on their fans. As Emmanuel continues his bicycle journey, the world watches with anticipation, wondering whether his dream of meeting Davido will come true and what surprise gift he holds in store for his idol.

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