We Were Shaking When We Found Out About Our Twins – Davido


Overjoyed with Expectation of Twins

In a heartwarming revelation, Nigerian music sensation, David Adeleke, widely known as , shared the profound emotions he and his wife, Chioma, experienced upon learning that they were expecting twins.

Speaking during his guest appearance on the United Masters’ Selection 005 with host Steve Stoute, Davido described the moment as a whirlwind of joy.


Chioma recently gave birth to a son and a daughter, a delightful surprise for the couple. Davido openly acknowledged the challenges he faced following the loss of his son, Ifeanyi, expressing that such circumstances could have led many to question their faith.

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Despite the heartbreak, Davido remained resolute in his beliefs, surrounded by a supportive team and channeling his energy into his music career.


Reflecting on the announcement of the twins, Davido shared the sheer astonishment he and his wife felt. The news left them trembling with joy, as they realized they were not only expecting one child, but two.


What added a poignant layer to this revelation was the timing – the twins were due in October, the same month Davido lost his son, Ifeanyi, in the previous year.


Davido expressed, “When me and my wife found out, we were shaking and it was in the same month.

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My son passed away last year October, my wife gave birth this year October so it’s crazy.”


This revelation is a touching testament to the resilience and hope that the couple has held onto amidst life’s trials.

It also marks a significant moment of joy and renewal for Davido and Chioma, as they prepare to embrace the arrival of their twins.

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