Why I won’t accept endorsement from Obasanjo – Sowore


, the AAC’s presidential candidate, has stated that he will reject any attempt by former president Olusegun Obasanjo to support him in the upcoming 2023 election because the former Nigerian leader’s term was filled with brutality.

The media entrepreneur claimed in a video shared across his social media pages on Tuesday morning that, despite being “very desperate” for Nigerians to be freed, he is not willing to accept support from “the enemies of our people.”

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Of course, I want to become the president of Nigeria, the presidential candidate declared.


The poor people of Nigeria, who are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, and who are sleeping in agony due to insecurities, hunger, and starvation, are what matter, not my ambition.

Of course, I need a lot of endorsements, but Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s won’t do since he served as president for more than 12 years with nothing but barbarism to show for it.

What will I say to the residents of Zaki Biam and Odi? that the maniac who murdered them is now my teacher?


“Or what will I say about journalist Dele Giwa’s memories? that one of my godfathers is now the drug dealer known as “Maradona”? Mba (which means “no,” in Igbo)!

“I’d rather have support from the people who are in the millions but don’t have billions of Naira,” he said.


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I’d prefer to have the support of the oppressed who suffer the most from the vulcanizing economy we currently have, which has been imposed on our people and resulted in untold hardship and poverty.

“I’d prefer to have the support of my fellow anti-SAP, anti-deregulation, and most recently, anti-EndSARS comrades.

“I’d rather have the support of the northern Talakawa, who are under the control of ISWAP, bandits, and .”


“Some are desperate to be supported by the adversaries of our people,” he continued. But am I in need? Very desperate, indeed.

I am in desperate need of quality, cost-free education at all levels. I’m in serious need of affordable, high-quality healthcare for all. I assert that I am desperate to put a stop to the avaricious criminals and give our commonwealth back to the people who originally owned it.


“Omoyele Sowore is very desperate, yes, for Nigeria’s complete liberation. Additionally, Africa. We cannot carry on in this manner.

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