Air Peace Salary Structure for Cabin Crew and Pilots in Nigeria

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Air Peace Salary Structure for Cabin Crew and Pilots in Nigeria.

In the dynamic world of aviation, Air Peace stands out as a prominent player, connecting people and destinations with a commitment to safety and excellence. As we soar through the skies, it’s only natural to wonder about the compensation for those who make our journeys seamless – the cabin crew and pilots.

Air Peace Cabin Crew Salary:

For the dedicated individuals who ensure our comfort and safety during flights, AirPeace offers competitive salaries. The salary for Air Peace cabin crew typically ranges from ₦250,000 to ₦500,000. This range reflects the airline’s recognition of the crucial role cabin crew members play in delivering exceptional passenger experiences.


Air Peace Pilot Jobs in Nigeria: Air Peace Salary Structure

The cockpit is where the magic happens, and Air Peace values its pilots with attractive salary packages.


Air Peace First Officer Salary: These skilled aviators command a monthly salary ranging from ₦1.5 million to ₦2 million, with the median falling around ₦1.75 million. The Air Peace First Officer Salary reflects the expertise and responsibility that First Officers bring to each flight.


Air Peace Captains Salary: As the captains of the aircraft, their salary reaches higher altitudes. Captains at Air Peace can expect a salary range of ₦2 million to ₦2.5 million, with a comfortable median of ₦2.25 million per month. This reflects the extensive experience and leadership required for this pivotal role.

Sky-High Allowances:

Air Peace recognizes the importance of its crew members taking on international routes. In addition to their base salaries, flight allowances and per diems come into play, especially for those exploring new destinations. These allowances ensure that the crew can indulge in the thrill of discovering new cultures and sights in style.Air Peace Salary Structure

Conclusion on Air Peace Salary Ranges for Cabin Crew and Pilots in Nigeria. 

In the vast expanse of the aviation industry, Air Peace remains committed to providing competitive and rewarding compensation for its cabin crew and pilots.

As they continue to connect Nigeria and beyond, the dedication and expertise of these professionals contribute significantly to the airline’s success.


It’s not just a job; it’s a journey through the skies, and Air Peace ensures it’s a journey worth taking.

That is all the details for now on Air Peace Salary Structure, Air Peace First Officer Salary and Air Peace Cabin Crew Salary.



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