APC finally Gives Reason for Attacking Buhari


We can’t glamourise what doesn’t work – APC gives reason for fighting Buhari

The All Progressives Congress APC has shed light on the factions within the ruling party.

A number of party leaders, including the party’s presidential candidate and governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, have recently criticized the Buhari administration’s newly implemented monetary policies.


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El-Rufai and several northern governors also sued the administration to stop the policy, which they deemed anti-people.

Prince Mustapha Audu, the spokesperson for the All Progressives Congress, APC presidential campaign council, PCC, North Central, stated on Arise Television on Tuesday that the President is making the right moves at the wrong time.

“There are some government policies that the Nigerian people do not appreciate. We must be sincere. The President has implemented a number of policies to clean up the election, including the cash swap policy, but sabotage is evident in their implementation. There are clearly negative effects on Nigerians.


“Sometimes, it is necessary to weigh the costs and benefits of certain policies to determine when to implement them. APC members are highly intelligent and dynamic. When we know something is going well, we praise it, and when we know something is going poorly, we criticize it. There is no point in romanticizing what does not work; it must be stated.


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“If there are problems, you must tell the truth to those in authority and build on the positive aspects. Numerous individuals were concerned about the cash policy. You can compare the economic benefits to the negative conditions we are currently experiencing.


Thus, these are the things the party is currently fighting. We came together as a group to combat certain issues. Consider the cash crunch that is afflicting Nigeria, which is affecting farmers and people in the country.

“The intention was to clean up the election. He desires to leave a legacy of transparent elections. People claim that this is the time Nigerians move around during every election.

“Every four years, this is when the most Nigerians move. Therefore, making cash available is detrimental to the election, logistics, the military, and the police. Its implementation at this time and in this manner is undesirable.”


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