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Asari Dokubo Lambasts Tinubu’s Govt, Declares It the Worst Ever (video)

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Tinubu’s Government is the worst of all. 

In a now-viral video obtained by Ejes Gist News, Asari Dokubo, once a fervent supporter of President Bola Tinubu, has unleashed scathing criticism, declaring Tinubu’s government as the worst ever.

As a prominent figure among the former Niger Delta militants, Dokubo, previously known for staunchly supporting Tinubu, is now seen lamenting and crying in the video, asserting that Tinubu’s government is the worst of all.


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This abrupt shift in allegiance has left many questioning the reasons behind the dramatic change in sentiment, especially considering Dokubo’s earlier praise for Tinubu, anticipating that he would address and resolve Nigeria’s myriad issues.

The strained relationship has evolved from joint press conferences in Aso Rock to a point where Dokubo deems himself “surplus to requirement,” indicating a significant fallout between the once ardent supporter and the political figure he championed.

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Dokubo’s vocal discontent aligns with the prevailing challenges facing Nigerians, including soaring inflation rates, the continuous depreciation of the Naira against the dollar, and the mass departure of multinational companies such as GKS, P&G, and others.

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Asari Dokubo’s criticism adds a layer of complexity to the political landscape, shedding light on the discontent within certain circles and raising questions about the trajectory of Tinubu’s government. This unexpected rebuke underscores the dynamic nature of political alliances and the fluidity of sentiments in the ever-evolving Nigerian political sphere.

Watch video here:  Tinubu’s Govt is the worst of all –Asari Dokubo



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