Atiku Releases 10 Biggest lies of Tinubu’s govt you need to know


Atiku’s Office Exposes Top 10 Alleged Deceptions in Tinubu’s Government.


In a scathing revelation, Former Vice President ’s Special Assistant on Public Communication, Phrank Shaibu, has unveiled what he claims to be the top 10 deceits characterizing the administration.


Shaibu contends that these repeated falsehoods are indicative of Tinubu’s reliance on propaganda rather than effective governance.


The statement, released over the weekend, asserts that these falsehoods cast doubt on the sincerity of Tinubu’s government and its commitment to rescuing citizens from what Shaibu terms “the bottomless pit of bad governance” experienced over the past eight years and 117 days of the All Progressives Congress’ administration.

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Shaibu urged Nigerians not to be swayed by the recent apology issued by Chief Ajuri Ngelale, Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, and other members of Tinubu’s team. According to Shaibu, they are apologizing not out of genuine remorse but because they have been exposed. He also highlighted the disproportionate number of media aides compared to economic and security advisers in Tinubu’s administration as an indicator of the government’s reliance on propaganda.


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Here are the 10 biggest lies of the Tinubu regime as compiled by Shaibu:

  1. Fuel Subsidy: The first alleged falsehood was Tinubu’s claim in his inaugural speech that petrol subsidies had been removed. Despite oil prices soaring to $94 per barrel and a naira exchange rate of N1,000/$1, the price of diesel has risen to around N1,000 per liter, while petrol remains at about N620 per liter. This, according to Shaibu, suggests that petrol is still being subsidized, and the lack of transparency implies possible misappropriation.
  2. UAE Visa Ban: Another alleged lie was the announcement that the United Arab Emirates had lifted the visa ban on Nigerians, allowing free travel to Dubai. However, this claim was later debunked by UAE authorities.
  3. NASDAQ Bell Ringing: Tinubu’s assertion that he was the first African President to ring the NASDAQ bell was challenged, with evidence showing that Malawian President Jakaya Kikwete had done so in 2011.
  4. Meeting with President Biden: A statement by Ajuri Ngelale in August 2023 claiming that U.S. President Joe Biden requested a meeting with Tinubu during the UNGA was disputed when no such meeting took place.
  5. Exchange Rate Claims: Tinubu’s declaration that the exchange rate had been stabilized was refuted by the current rates, with the I&E Window at about N780/$1 and the parallel market at about N1,000/$1.
  6. Misleading Air Strike: The Nigerian government’s claim of an air strike against terrorists in Niger State was criticized as propaganda by Premium Times, alleging that innocent civilians were killed.
  7. Unfulfilled Forex Injection: A promise by the Central Bank of Nigeria to inject $10 billion into the foreign exchange market within two weeks went unfulfilled, causing the naira to depreciate further.
  8. Prejudice in Appointments: Tinubu’s commitment to serving without prejudice was disputed as key appointments were allegedly biased in favor of specific regions.
  9. Questionable Afrexim Loan: Claims of a $3 billion Afrexim loan to stabilize the naira were questioned as the naira continued to decline.
  10. Student Loan Act: Shaibu criticized the Student Loan Act, stating that it only covered tuition fees while government schools increased other expenses, rendering the law ineffective.

The statement from Atiku’s office concludes that these alleged deceptions reflect a government focused on propaganda rather than the welfare of the Nigerian people. Shaibu called on the media to fact-check government claims to maintain their credibility.

Please note that these allegations are made by Atiku’s office and should be subjected to independent verification.

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