Biafra Prime Minister, Simon Ekpa asks traders to open shop for business


Simon Ekpa, a prominent agitator and separatist who serves as the Prime Minister of the Biafra Republic Government, urged traders in Enugu to reopen their business shops.


This call comes after protests erupted when the state government sealed their shops for failing to open on a designated day.


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Reportedly, three individuals lost their lives, and others sustained injuries during the protests that took place on Wednesday morning. In response, Ekpa requested that the affected traders provide detailed information about the injured and deceased for immediate medical assistance.



Ekpa called on Biafra traders in Enugu to share the contact details of those impacted with the Nigerian government during the protest, and assured them that the government of Biafra will take swift action to provide medical treatment to the injured and offer support to the families of the deceased. However, he emphasized that the specific plan of action would not be made public.




Furthermore, Ekpa urged Biafrans to resume their normal business operations while also encouraging them to provide any valuable information they may have about the individuals responsible for the violence and those who closed their shops.




In addition to addressing the situation, Ekpa expressed that Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu state will be held accountable for any human rights abuses that occurred during the protests


Arrest and Release.


Ejes Gist News on February 23, 2023 reported that Simon Ekpa, the Biafra agitator and Prime Minister of the Biafra Republic Government, was arrested by the Finnish Police in Finland.



After undergoing several hours of questioning, he was subsequently released by the authorities. Further details surrounding the circumstances of his arrest and the reasons for his release were not provided in the information available.

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