Boosting National Security: FG to Bar Non-citizens from Passport Acquisition

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Federal Government Unveils Enhanced Passport Acquisition Template to Safeguard National Identity

Abuja, Nigeria – In a strategic move to combat fraudulent acquisition and forgery of passports, the Federal Government of Nigeria has introduced a new passport template, announced Dr. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, the Minister of Interior.

The new template aims to fortify the verification process, ensuring that only genuine Nigerian citizens obtain passports, thereby enhancing national security. Minister Tunji-Ojo emphasized the importance of passports as essential national identity documents that demand robust protection.


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Passport Acquisition Authentication Process Strengthened

The updated template mandates several stipulations, including the submission of a citizenship certificate, a date of birth certificate, and the National Identification Number (NIN). These measures play a crucial role in confirming the applicant’s legitimate citizenship, acting as a deterrent against unauthorized passport acquisition.


The minister’s announcement comes on the heels of the government’s commitment to enabling Nigerians to obtain their international passports without human contact, starting from January 8. This move is set to streamline the application process and prevent potential counterfeiting.

Exclusive Security Features

Addressing concerns over counterfeiting attempts, Minister Tunji-Ojo underscored the exclusive nature of the passport as a security document designed exclusively for Nigerian citizens. He expressed worries about non-Nigerians exploiting inefficiencies in the previous system to obtain passports, emphasizing the need for a robust solution.

Efficiency and Assurance

Despite acknowledging initial challenges, the minister assured the public of ongoing improvements and a streamlined process in the coming weeks. He stated, “The new process is working very effectively, with hiccups recorded at only 4 percent. In the next one or two weeks, we will have a near-perfect system.”


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Digital Advances in Passport Acquisition

In line with these developments, the Interior Ministry recently launched an online portal for passport applications, offering citizens a convenient and efficient means of applying for passports. The move is expected to simplify the application process and contribute to the government’s goal of ensuring the security of passport issuance.

Simple Steps for Application


The minister, through a tweet, outlined five simple steps for applying for an international passport, emphasizing the ease of the process. Notably, applicants can now apply for passports from the comfort of their homes, further aligning with the government’s commitment to modernize and enhance the passport acquisition system.

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Strategic Measures Against  Passport Fraud

As Nigeria takes these strategic measures to fortify its passport acquisition system, the government aims to curb unauthorized access, protect the integrity of the passport, and bolster national security in the digital age.



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