Bandits Kill Nursing Mother, Mother-in-law After 10 Years of Barrenness in FCT

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After 10 years of barrenness, bandits kill nursing mother and her mummy in FCT.

In a heartbreaking incident highlighting the deteriorating security crisis in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, bandits have mercilessly taken the lives of a nursing mother, Christiana Igba, and her mother, Maria Agbo.



The victims, family members of a Nigeria Police Force officer, were abducted two weeks ago in the Dei-Dei area of the capital city, despite ongoing efforts by security operatives to address the rising violence.


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Christiana Igba, who had recently given birth after a decade of barrenness, and her mother were kidnapped from their residence near the Mobil Barracks in Dei-Dei. The assailants, demanding a staggering N90 million ransom, eventually negotiated with the husband, Simon Igba, settling for N10 million.

Tragically, before the agreed-upon payment time, the bandits contacted Simon, claiming the one-month-old baby was unwell. They released another victim, entrusting her with the baby and instructing her to take the infant to the hospital. Meanwhile, the kidnappers carried out their heinous act, murdering Christiana and her mother.


A neighbour, Adejor Jacob, revealed the shocking details, stating, “Their lifeless bodies were dumped, and some police officers went there to recover them. They have been deposited at the Kubwa General Hospital.”



Residents of Dei-Dei are living in fear following this unprecedented murder, with some reportedly relocating due to escalating security concerns in the area. It was noted that numerous incidents of kidnappings and killings in the region often go unreported by the media.


The FCT Police Public Relations Officer, SP Josephine Adeh, declined to comment on the matter when contacted by Ejes Gist News.



The security challenges in the FCT have seen a surge in violent attacks across various areas, including Kawu, Gaba, Dei-dei, Kubwa Hills, Ushafa, Bwari, Mpape, Kubwa, Lugbe, Pyakasa, Keti, Gbaupe, Gbaukuchi, Airport Road, among others.



Security expert Elder Ben Ijeoche emphasized the urgent need for the establishment of state police, stating that until the Federal Government and the National Assembly act on this, the security crisis may persist. Ijeoche argued that local officers familiar with crisis areas would be better equipped to handle challenges.


In response to the escalating crisis, FCT Minister Nyesom Wike assured residents of positive developments in the coming days. He pledged support for security agencies, indicating plans to provide motorcycles to vigilante groups for enhanced information gathering and assistance to security personnel.



The hope is that such measures will allow residents to regain a sense of security in the FCT.



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