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Breaking: Court Allows Emefiele To Travel Out Of Abuja

CBN Governor - Godwin Emefiele

Court Grants Godwin Emefiele’s Travel Request with Restriction

The Federal Capital Territory High Court has granted the travel request of Godwin Emefiele, former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, allowing him to leave Abuja. However, the court has imposed a condition that he must remain within the borders of the country.

Emefiele, who had previously been restricted to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) under his bail terms, sought a variation of these conditions. The approval for travel comes as a development in response to his request.


Details surrounding the specific reasons for Emefiele’s travel request and the court’s decision are expected to be provided later. The former CBN Governor’s legal representation, Mathew Bukka, handled the application for the variation of the bail terms.

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While Emefiele gains permission to travel, the stipulation to remain within Nigeria reflects a careful balance between the court’s acknowledgment of his request and its commitment to ensuring compliance with the established bail conditions.


As further details emerge, the circumstances surrounding Emefiele’s travel and the court’s decision will likely be subject to increased scrutiny and attention, especially considering his prominent role in the nation’s financial sector.



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