Breaking: PDP Suspends Popular Federal Lawmaker

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has taken disciplinary action against Rep. Awaji-inomek Abiante (PDP-Rivers) for his involvement in anti-party activities.

In a statement issued by the Caretaker Committee Chairman of Ward 1, Ngo town, Andoni, Mr. Dike Bara, and the Secretary, Mr. Dokubo Jackson, Rep. Awaji-inomek Abiante has been suspended from the party.

The statement cited various reasons for the suspension, including Abiante’s role in promoting factionalism within the party at the ward level and his affiliation with a group that operates under the guise of the party, contravening the party’s constitution.



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Additionally, Abiante was accused of organizing, training, and equipping a group of members to employ violence, coercion, and other forms of intimidation within the party, further violating the party’s constitution.


The suspension of Rep. Awaji-inomek Abiante was deemed necessary to preserve party unity and integrity, as well as to weed out individuals who undermine the party’s cohesion and effectiveness. The statement emphasized the party’s commitment to maintaining its strength and solidarity, regardless of inducements or threats from external forces.

As the PDP takes decisive action to uphold its principles and discipline erring members, it reaffirms its dedication to the party’s objectives and the welfare of its members.




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