Butcher’s Murder: APC Governor Vows to Deal Decisively with Blasphemers


The , , has made a strong commitment to take firm action against individuals who engage in acts of ‘blasphemy’ against the revered Islamic Prophet, Muhammad bin Abdullah (PBUH).

In a statement released by his spokesperson, Abubakar Bawa, the governor of Sokoto State has issued a warning against any actions that may tarnish the reputation of Prophet Muhammad SAW.


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The governor emphasised that such actions are particularly unacceptable in a state like Sokoto, which has a predominantly Muslim population.According to a report by The Punch, the Sokoto State Police Command has confirmed the killing of Usman Buda, a butcher who was allegedly murdered by extremist Muslims on Sunday.


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The reason for the murder was said to be an alleged blasphemous comment made by Buda.The extremists also injured a number of Buda’s business associates, who made heroic efforts to save him, and they are currently receiving medical care.



The police will carry out an investigation into the incident as promised in order to prosecute the offenders.In response to the recent development, Bawa emphasised the importance of residents upholding the prophet’s dignity and preserving his persona.

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In a recent statement, Sokoto State Governor, Dr. Ahmed Aliyu, urged the citizens of the state to maintain a peaceful and lawful demeanour at all times. In a recent statement, the governor of Sokoto urged citizens to refrain from engaging in any behaviour that could be deemed disrespectful towards the revered Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Given that Sokoto is a community with a predominantly Muslim population, the governor emphasised the importance of upholding the Prophet’s honour and dignity.


According to Dr. Aliyu, the people of Sokoto hold a great deal of reverence and admiration for Prophet Muhammad SAW. As a result, he emphasised the importance of all residents showing respect and safeguarding the Prophet’s dignity and character.


Governor of Sokoto state, Ahmed Aliyu. PHOTO CREDIT: File Photo

The citizens of Sokoto State are being urged to refrain from taking matters into their own hands and instead report any suspected criminal activity or blasphemy to the appropriate authorities for proper action.



This call to action comes as a means of promoting law and order within the state.In a plea to the public, he emphasised that their religion does not condone vigilantism and urged them to uphold the principles of their faith.According to a statement from Aliyu’s spokesperson, the governor has issued a warning to potential troublemakers, cautioning them to reconsider their actions.


The spokesperson emphasised that Sokoto is not a suitable location for such behaviour.According to Bawa, the current administration is taking the issue of blasphemy seriously and will take strong action against anyone who is found guilty of degrading the personality of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, in accordance with Islamic laws.



The governor has made a statement assuring the citizens of the state that his administration is fully committed to ensuring the safety of all law-abiding individuals and their property.The governor issued a warning to potential troublemakers, emphasising that Sokoto is not a suitable location for their activities.

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