Cadet’s death at Nigeria Police Academy sparks fresh controversies


In a tragic incident that has raised questions about the treatment of cadets and management at the (POLAC), the demise of A.S. Jika, a cadet from Adamawa, has ignited a storm of controversy and allegations of negligence.

Jika, the son of Senator Alhaji Haliru Jika and former chairman of the House of Representatives’ committee on police, passed away on the academy’s campus in Wudil, Kano State, on Saturday.

Allegations of Negligence and Maltreatment

The circumstances surrounding Jika’s death have prompted outrage and accusations of negligence, particularly aimed at the academy’s medical staff. According to some cadets and staff members of POLAC who chose to remain anonymous, the tragic outcome could have been avoided if Jika had received timely and adequate medical attention.


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They claim that cadets with health issues are reluctant to seek medical help at the academy’s clinic due to fears of dismissal or suspension. The alleged policy of dismissing cadets who seek medical care for minor health concerns creates an environment of secrecy and fear.

Highhandedness of POLAC’s Commandant

The allegations extend beyond medical care. AIG Sadiq Idris Abubakar, the Commandant of POLAC, is accused of highhandedness in his administration of the academy. Cadets and staff members have pointed out several issues, including reduced food rations, the closure of the academy market, stopped allowances, and the dismissal of cadets for various reasons, including the use of phones.


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Unusual Dismissals and Strenuous Training

According to sources, the Commandant has dismissed a significant number of cadets, reportedly more than 150, since taking office less than a year ago. Cadets also allege being subjected to strenuous training, and any cadet found with water after such exercises faces expulsion.


Poor Conditions for Staff and Cadets

The allegations extend to the living conditions of both staff and cadets. Staff members claim that they have been sent out of academy accommodations, and any complaints about accommodations are met with responses suggesting individuals use their salaries for repairs.

Official Response

POLAC authorities have released a statement stating that Jika passed away after a brief illness. They assert that he received medical attention and was discharged before being readmitted, but his condition worsened, leading to his untimely death. The Commandant expressed condolences to the family and loved ones of Cadet Sulaiman Jika.

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The allegations against the Commandant and the management of POLAC have not been officially addressed, and the academy’s spokesperson has not responded to inquiries regarding these allegations at the time of this report.

This tragedy shines a spotlight on the treatment of cadets and the administration of the Nigeria Police Academy, sparking demands for transparency and accountability. The grieving family, as well as concerned citizens, await further investigation and action regarding the allegations surrounding this heartbreaking incident.

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