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Concerns Raised Over the Legality of Olukayode’s Appointment as EFCC Chairman

Ola Olukoyede

Nigerians Kick Against Appointment Of Olukoyede As EFCC Chairman By Tinubu, Cite Illegality.


In a recent development, concerns are mounting over the appointment of Olukayode as the new Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) by the Presidential Bureaux of Appointments and Tenure (PBAT). The legality of this appointment has been called into question, with critics pointing to potential violations of the EFCC Act.


The controversy stems from the provisions of Section 2 of the EFCC Act, which outlines the qualifications required for an individual to be appointed as the Chairman of the EFCC. According to the Act, the appointee must meet specific criteria, including:

  1. Being a serving or retired member of any security or law enforcement agency.
  2. Possessing a minimum of 15 years of relevant law enforcement experience.
  3. Holding a rank not below that of an assistant commissioner of police.

However, Olukayode’s appointment as EFCC Chairman raises concerns on all these fronts. He is a private legal practitioner, without any known affiliation with a security or law enforcement agency. Additionally, his legal practice experience falls short of the stipulated 15 years of cognate experience required for this position. Critics argue that the experience gained through attending seminars and other activities as a private legal practitioner cannot be equated to the rigorous law enforcement experience envisaged by the EFCC Act.

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It is worth noting that Olukayode’s prior roles include serving as Chief of Staff of the former EFCC Chairman, Magu, and later as the Secretary of the Commission. However, these roles collectively amount to less than six years, which further raises doubts about his eligibility for the position.

The appointment of Olukayode has sparked speculations and concerns among Nigerians, who question the motives behind this move. Some wonder if there may be an ulterior motive behind the appointment. In light of these uncertainties, citizens are calling for transparency and adherence to the rule of law in all government appointments, emphasizing the need to prioritize the best interests of Nigeria.

As the controversy continues to unfold, many await further clarification from the relevant authorities to address the legality and suitability of Olukayode’s appointment as the EFCC Chairman.

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