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EFCC Chairman Emphasizes Urgent Need for Media Enlightenment on Youth Involvement in Cybercrimes


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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in response to recent media reports has clarified Chairman Ola Olukoyede’s statement regarding Nigerian youths and their alleged involvement in internet fraud, commonly known as ‘yahoo yahoo.’

Contrary to some misrepresented claims, the chairman did not declare that “seven out of 10 Nigerian students are criminals.”

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According to Dele Oyewale, the commission’s spokesman, Olukoyede, during a meeting with representatives of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), emphasized the crucial role of media enlightenment in combating the rising trend of internet fraud among the youth.

The chairman expressed concern about the potential threat to the future leadership of the nation if the current trajectory of youth involvement in is not addressed and reversed.


The statement from the EFCC highlights Olukoyede’s nuanced position, stating that the chairman did not label students as criminals. Instead, he underscored the need to break the cycle of mass youth involvement in cybercrimes.

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Part of EFCC Statement Regarding Cybercrimes Reads:

”He did say that reports and intelligence available to him indicated that, unless this trajectory of youth involvement in internet fraud is addressed and reversed, the future of their leadership of our great nation may be threatened, and if it continues in the next ten years, seven out 10 of our youths may be getting involved in cybercrimes.

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”At no time did he say that “seven out of 10 Nigerian students are criminals”. His concerns still bother on breaking the jinx of mass indulgence of youths in cybercrimes.

”The EFCC wishes to assure the public that Olukoyede is doubly committed to the progress of Nigerian youths, and this underscores his calls for collaborative interventions in offering them more productive and sustainable alternatives.”

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As the nation grapples with the challenge of cybercrime, the EFCC emphasizes the importance of addressing the root causes and working collectively towards a more secure and prosperous future for the youth.

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