Court of Appeal Affirms Julius Abure as National Chairman of Labour Party


The Court of Appeal in Benin, Edo State has upheld Comrade ’s position as the National Chairman of the (LP), marking a significant victory for him in a legal battle against Lucky Shaibu and five others. The court’s unanimous decision, delivered by Justices Theresa Abadua, Fatima Akinbami, and Sybil Nwaka-Gbagi, firmly dismissed the appeal of the appellant.

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The legal dispute, with reference number CA/B/93/2023, centered around Lucky Shaibu’s attempt to challenge Abure’s leadership within the party. Shaibu, who claimed to be a member of LP’s Ward 3 executive in Esan Northeast Local Government Area of Edo, played a pivotal role in the suspension of Abure from his position as the chairman of LP.


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In a significant ruling, Justice Abadua, delivering the lead judgment, endorsed the stance taken by the High Court of Edo State, Benin. The judgment underscored that an individual, like Shaibu, lacked the authority to unilaterally suspend the national chairman of LP, a position that aligns with Articles 13 and 17 of the party’s constitution and the prevailing Electoral Act of 2022. The court emphasized that Shaibu’s status within the party was questioned and described as “unknown.”


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As a result of the court’s decision, the suspension imposed on Abure and all subsequent actions taken against him and the party as a result of that suspension were nullified. The ruling reinstates Abure as the legitimate National Chairman of the Labour Party.

Reacting to the court’s judgment, Julius Abure expressed his gratitude to the brave justices of the appellate court in Benin for upholding justice and fairness in the case. He also extended his appreciation to his legal team, led by G.C. Igbokwe, SAN, for their exemplary work.


G.C. Igbokwe described the court’s judgment as robust, courageous, and unassailable. He asserted that, in accordance with the judgment, Julius Abure continues to hold the position of the national chairman of LP until the party convenes its convention. This ruling brings clarity and resolution to the leadership dispute within the Labour Party, solidifying Julius Abure’s standing as its National Chairman.

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