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Do Not Politicize Kaduna Bombing – Uzodinma Warns Politicians

Hope Uzodinma

Hope Uzodinma, the governor of Imo state, has cautioned politicians against politicizing the recent bombing incident in Kaduna.

Emphasizing the importance of Nigeria’s unity for its survival, Governor Uzodinma urged political figures to refrain from turning the unfortunate event into a political tool.

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Speaking at the Sam Mbakwe Executive Council Chambers during the launch of the 2024 Armed Forces Remembrance emblem, ahead of the January 15, 2024, Armed Forces Remembrance Day, Uzodinma stressed that the Nigerian military had openly acknowledged the incident as an error.

He called for a collective understanding of the situation as a mistake and discouraged any attempts to twist it into a broader political narrative.

Governor Uzodinma acknowledged the inherent hazards and challenges that come with every profession, citing the inevitability of mistakes, even among the dedicated soldiers who, in the course of their duties, sometimes make errors that lead to the loss of lives.


He reminded the public that no one is perfect, and it is crucial to approach such incidents with a sense of humanity and understanding.

Governor Uzodinma Public Appeal

“No one is perfect, and it is only God that is perfect. I think we all should rise to pray to God to always continue to intercede to get the insecurity in Nigeria to abate,” he remarked.

Appealing to the nation’s citizens, Uzodinma called for collective efforts to alleviate the pain experienced by Kaduna State indigenes in the aftermath of the incident.

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He underscored the need for unity and empathy, especially considering the timing of the event shortly after the Presidential election, urging Nigerians to prioritize healing over political discord.


In a time of heightened sensitivity and tension, Governor Uzodinma’s call for unity and understanding resonates as a reminder of the shared responsibility in fostering a harmonious and secure nation.



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