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Siminalayi Fubara Biography, Age, Political Crisis, Net Worth, Facts

Similanayi Fubara

Siminalayi Fubara Biography, Age, Early Life, Political Crisis, Career , Net Worth and Facts.

Siminalayi Fubara, a distinguished Nigerian politician and accomplished accountant, currently holds the esteemed position of Executive Governor of Rivers State.

His political journey reached a pinnacle in 2023 when he secured victory on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), succeeding Nyesom Wike in this significant role. Before assuming the governorship, Fubara served diligently as the Accountant General of Rivers State, showcasing his expertise and commitment to public service.


Let’s delve into the comprehensive biography of Sim Fubara, exploring facets such as his date of birth, age, early life, family, partner, illustrious political career, net worth, residences, automotive possessions, and his presence on social media platforms.


Sim Fubara Profile

Before delving further, let’s take a closer look at Sim Fubara’s profile, unveiling some intriguing details you would find fascinating:


Full name: Amaopusenibo Siminalayi Fubara
Popular Name: “Sim” Fubara
Born: 28 January 1975
Age: 49 years (2024)

Nationality: Nigerian
Spouse: Mrs Valerie Fubara
Education: Rivers State University (RSU), University of Port Harcourt (UniPort)
Occupation: Politician, accountant
Political party: People’s Democratic Party (PDP)
Deputy: Ngozi Odu
Net worth:

Siminalayi Fubara Biography and Educational Background

Siminialayi Fubara, a native of Opobo Town in Opobo/Nkoro Local Government Area of Rivers State, commenced his educational voyage at Opobo Primary School. Progressing through his academic endeavors, he continued his learning at Comprehensive Secondary School, Opobo. Driven by a passion for knowledge, he furthered his education at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, culminating in the attainment of a degree in Accountancy.

Sim Fubara Biography, Age, Early Life, Political Career And Net Worth, Siminalayi Fubara biography
Governor Siminalayi Fubara biography

In 2013 and 2016, he expanded his academic horizons, securing an MBA and an MSc from the University of Port Harcourt, showcasing a commitment to continuous learning and academic excellence.

Siminalayi Fubara Biography: Career and Politics

Siminialayi Fubara embarked on his professional journey in 2003, assuming the pivotal role of Principal Accountant at the Rivers State Senior Secondary Schools Board. Demonstrating unwavering dedication and expertise, he ascended through the professional ranks, achieving the prestigious position of Director of Finance and Accounts at the State’s Government House in 2015. In a remarkable progression, he further elevated his career to the esteemed role of Permanent Secretary in March 2020.


On December 23, 2020, Siminialayi Fubara assumed the crucial position of Accountant General of Rivers State, a role he held until May 2022. During this time, he achieved a significant milestone by emerging victorious in the People’s Democratic Party governorship primaries for the 2023 general elections.

Siminialayi Fubara’s professional accomplishments are not only marked by his impressive career trajectory but also by his distinguished affiliations. Recognized as a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Management and a Fellow of the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria, his standing in professional circles is noteworthy.

Political Career

On March 20, 2023, Siminialayi Fubara secured a momentous victory by being elected as the Governor of Rivers State. His triumphant campaign unfolded under the banner of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and his impending leadership marks a significant transition from the outgoing governor, Nyesom Wike. The electoral mandate reflects the trust and confidence placed in Siminialayi Fubara by the people of Rivers State to steer the affairs of the region.

Personal Life

Siminialayi Fubara epitomizes the essence of a devoted family man, finding profound joy in his marriage and being blessed with the love and companionship of three children.

Beyond the realms of family life, Fubara’s life is adorned with prestigious distinctions. He holds the distinguished title of a Knight of the St. Christopher (KSC) Order within the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, underscoring his unwavering commitment to his faith and his significant contributions to the Anglican community.


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Adding to his list of honors, Fubara proudly bears the traditional chieftaincy title of Amaopu-Senibo of Opobo Kingdom. This revered title not only signifies his deep roots and connection within the Opobo Kingdom but also serves as a testament to his steadfast dedication to preserving the cultural heritage and traditions of his community.

Sim Fubara Biography : Wife. 

Rivers State Governor, Sim Fubara is married to Valerie Fubara. They are blessed with three children.

In essence, Siminialayi Fubara’s life is a harmonious blend of familial bliss, religious commitment, and cultural devotion, reflecting a man whose influence extends far beyond the boundaries of his personal and professional achievements.


Siminalayi Fubara Biography and His Political crisis. 

  • SIM Fubara vs Wike

His political crisis began with revelations of a plan to impeach Governor Siminialayi Fubara. Here’s a concise breakdown of the unfolding crisis:

1. October 29: The main chambers of the state Assembly were set ablaze during the night.

2. October 30: Despite the arson, 24 Members conducted a sitting inside the auditorium, electing Edison Ehie as the House leader. Another faction elected Edison Ehie as Speaker of the 10th Assembly, suspending some lawmakers.


3. October 31: Solidarity demonstrations in support of Governor Fubara took place in Port Harcourt, while a State High Court in Isiokpo issued a restraining order on the impeachment.

4. November 1: Fubara expressed optimism that the political crisis with his predecessor, Nyesom Wike, would be resolved.

5. November 7: The Federal High Court in Port Harcourt ordered all Assembly factions not to take any action until the matter before the court is resolved.


6. November 20: An alleged assassination attempt on Edison by police officers was later deemed a routine patrol. Lawmakers held a sitting, urging the police to prosecute those responsible for the chamber’s burning.

7. November 24: The Federal High Court issued Form 48 against Martins Amaewhule and his deputy for Contempt of Court.

8. December 4: A State High Court adjourned to December 20 to hear Fubara’s case against the Assembly, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Clerk, and Chief Judge.

9. December 7: The Federal High Court in Abuja granted an order empowering the Rivers State House of Assembly to perform its constitutional functions without restrictions.

10. December 11: 27 Lawmakers led by Martin Amaewhule shifted allegiance from the PDP to the APC.

11. December 13: Rivers State Government Demolished the House of Assembly Complex for Renovation.

12. December 14: Two of the defected members returned to PDP, seats of 25 other Lawmakers declared vacant by the authentic speaker, and 6 commissioners resigned.

13. December 15: He ordered all commissioners nominated by Wike to resign.

Siminalayi Fubara Net Worth. 

Siminialayi Fubara’s net worth is reported to exceed 500 thousand dollars.

FAQ on SIM Fubara.

  1. Who is Fubara Siminayi’s wife?
    • Fubara Siminayi’s wife is Valerie Siminayi Fubara.
  2. Where is Siminayi Fubara from?
    • Siminayi Fubara is from Opobo Town.
  3. What tribe does Fubara Siminayi belong to?
    • Fubara Siminayi belongs to the Ijaw tribe.

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