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Dollar to Naira Black Market today 5 February 2024: Aboki FX Latest Rates


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5 February 2024. 

Navigating the tumultuous waters of the Dollar to Naira exchange rate can be challenging, especially in the unpredictable realm of the black market.


As of February 5, 2024, here are the latest rates:

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(Aboki FX) Rates:

  • Buying: N1440
  • Selling: N1450

Keep in mind that black market rates are subject to frequent fluctuations and entail inherent risks. The Central Bank of Nigeria () advocates for official channels like banks to ensure secure transactions.


Official to Naira CBN Rate:


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  • Buying: N902
  • Selling: N904


Beyond the Black Market Dollar to Naira exchange rate, here’s a glimpse into other currency exchanges:

  • EUR: Euro to Naira
  • GBP: Pounds to Naira


Considering alternatives for a safer exchange:


  1. Licensed :
    • Offers security but potential for higher rates.
  2. P2P Platforms (Paxful):
    • Connect with individuals for secure exchange.
  3. Official Bank Channels:

While the black market may offer higher rates, it comes with risks such as scams and operating outside official channels. Stay informed through reliable sources like Ejes Gist News and Aboki FX, but always verify rates locally before making transactions.


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