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Dollar to Naira Black Market Today: February 6, 2024 | Abokifx Today


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to Naira 6 February 2024. 

Are you looking for the best way to exchange your dollars to naira in Nigeria? If so, you might be tempted to use the black market, where you can get higher rates than the official ones. But before you do, you should know the risks and alternatives of this option.

What is the Black Market?

The Black Market, also known as the parallel market or Aboki FX, is an informal network of traders who buy and sell foreign currencies at rates that are different from the official ones set by the Central Bank of Nigeria ().


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The Dollar to Naira black market exchange rate window is not regulated by any authority, and its rates are determined by the forces of demand and supply. This means that the rates can change frequently and unpredictably, depending on the availability of foreign currencies and the economic situation in the country.

As of February 6, 2024, here are the latest rates:


(Aboki FX) Rates:

  • Buying: N1450
  • Selling: N1460

Keep in mind that these rates are subject to change at any time, and you should always verify them locally before making any transaction. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) advocates for official channels like banks to ensure secure transactions.


Official Dollar to Naira CBN Rate:

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  • Buying: N902
  • Selling: N904


Beyond the Black Market Dollar to Naira exchange rate, here’s a glimpse into other currency exchanges:

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  • EUR: Euro to Naira
  • GBP: Pounds to Naira


Considering alternatives for a safer exchange:

Licensed : These are authorized dealers who buy and sell foreign currencies at rates influenced by supply and demand. They offer security and convenience, but they may charge higher rates than the bank rates.


P2P Platforms (Paxful): These are online platforms that connect buyers and sellers of foreign currencies directly, without intermediaries. They offer competitive rates and security, as they use escrow services and verification systems to protect both parties. However, they may require some fees and verification processes to use their services.


Official Bank Channels: These are the banks and other financial institutions that are licensed by the CBN to deal in foreign currencies. They offer the lowest rates and the highest security, as they follow the CBN’s regulations and guidelines.

The dollar to naira exchange rate is a complex and dynamic topic that affects many Nigerians who need or want to convert their money. While the black market may offer higher rates, it also comes with many risks and challenges that you should be aware of.


Therefore, you should consider the alternatives that are available, such as the BDC, the P2P platforms, or the official bank channels, and choose the one that suits your needs and preferences.


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