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Drunk Soldier Shoots and Kills Man During Birthday Celebration

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A drunken soldier reportedly shot and killed Joseph Jelmang in Marish community of Bokko local government area in Plateau State during a birthday celebration. The incident, which occurred on April 22, was denounced by the Bokkos Cultural Development Council (BCDC).


Barr. Farmasum Fuddang, the chairman of BCDC, condemned the incident in a statement, alleging that the soldier, identified as Gideon, discharged random shots while celebrating his birthday at a relaxation center, resulting in Jelmang’s death.


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BCDC expressed outrage at the perpetrators’ alleged attempt to cover up the crime by falsely accusing innocent bystanders and residents, who tried to save Jelmang’s life by rushing him to the hospital, of being militants.



The council stated, “We demand prompt and decisive action from the military authorities and the Attorney General to apprehend and prosecute the perpetrator to the fullest extent of the law.


Furthermore, BCDC called for the immediate release of all individuals detained by soldiers in Marish on April 22 and in previous incidents.

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Despite attempts to reach Major Samson Khazom, the spokesperson of Operation Safe Haven (OPSH) in Jos, for comments, he did not respond to calls and inquiries.”

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