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ECOWAS Parliament To Lift Sanctions Impose On Niger Republic

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In a groundbreaking move, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Parliament has launched a fervent appeal to Heads of State and Government across the region, urging them to reconsider and lift the sanctions imposed on the Niger Republic.

The sanctions were initially enforced by the ECOWAS Head of State in protest of the military junta’s removal of President Mohamed Bazoum.

The political landscape in Niger took a tumultuous turn in July 2023 when military officers, led by the former Presidential Guard Commander, General Abdourahamane Tchiani, seized power.


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As the nation grappled with the aftermath, ECOWAS responded with sanctions, setting off a chain of consequences that have significantly impacted the Niger Republic and its neighboring states.

Addressing journalists with impassioned words, Senator Ali Ndume shed light on the stark reality faced by approximately seven states bordering Niger, revealing the grim consequences of the sanctions.


Senator Ali Ndume’s Appeal To ECOWAS

“Children and women have been exposed to untold hardship. No meaningful progress has been made in resolving this issue. We are appealing to ECOWAS states to lift the sanction and open the closed border between Niger and Nigeria because it is the poor that are suffering. Let me say this is a collective decision by concerned citizens,” Ndume said.

“This press conference is simply an appeal to the ECOWAS Heads of State to consider the humanitarian situation and resolve the political impasse in Niger,” he added.

Ndume made a heartfelt plea for ECOWAS states to lift the sanctions, citing the urgent need to address the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the region.

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As the ECOWAS Parliament takes this proactive stance, the eyes of the international community are keenly watching, awaiting the outcome of this pivotal moment in West African politics.


The call for compassion and resolution echoes across borders, emphasizing the collective responsibility to alleviate the suffering of those most affected by the ongoing crisis.



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